How and why does the AEQ method benefit a pregnant woman, and what benefits does the body have during that time?


The AEQ method understandably explains this and enables the perception of a woman’s real situation and her relationship with her partner and surroundings. This way, it is possible to appropriately influence the attitude towards oneself and the environment and prepare for parenthood. This increases the chances of the feeling of satisfaction that pregnancy should contain and the bond between the partners strong enough to withstand the stress test that the birth of a child always causes.


The AEQ method doesn’t separate an individual into body and mind; instead, it understands the person as an inseparable connection between the body, the subconscious, and consciousness. That’s why AEQ exercises have a healing effect because due to better connectivity, we become more aware of the real situation and remember its causes. The better we are aware of the causes of bodily responses in certain circumstances, and the more we understand them, the easier and clearer we become aware of ineffective responses. The less we make our lives or others more difficult with our emotions.




Certain events in our childhood leave a mark on us; if they are traumatic, we suppress them into the subconscious and then carry them around as extra luggage. It is self-protective, but at the same time, it burdens us.

These experiences lead to chronic reflex activation that leaves movement patterns as a result, which also shape our personality. Movement patterns are intertwined with behavior, and this is more or less accepted by society. As we adjust ourselves to be accepted by others, we add new layers that slightly smooth out behavioral deviations. All of the above builds our personality, directs our emotional reactions, and influences our appearance – posture, movement, behavior, character…

Most actual causes for chronic pain and strong sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) originate from different events in childhood. A child commonly imitates the posture and habits of one of his parents. Many generations have passed, believing that hard work is necessary for progress and that fighting or even asceticism was the only true path towards success.



Toddlers should be correctly breathing unless they are sick or ill. While most newborns begin breathing correctly, very few still maintain natural breathing through their early childhood. Most toddlers lose their much-needed muscle coordination very early in their lives. With the loss of our natural breathing and development of chronic breathing inefficiency, we also change our relationship with stress and our response to it. Our response to stress is exaggerated because we are unable to relax our rigid muscles, which leads to them being tired and weakened. Such a person, due to their weak structure, experiences outside pressures way more severely. This eventually leads to psychophysical problems. They develop chronic muscular tension and become oversensitive to CO2 in their blood.



We feel our inner and outer world through our bodies, through which we also respond to it. By learning with the AEQ method, we change these relationships and create a stronger and clearer connection with the body’s reality. 


Based on the reality of bodily sensations, our identity has content and structure.


For each of us, the basic reality is our body. The loss of the influence of bodily sensations on the functioning of the mind and balance changes lives and creates chronic constriction and malfunction of the sensory-motor feedback loop. For a person in this state its common that:


(1) He tries to achieve the impossible or is holding onto an illusion.


(2) Isn’t grounded and has a strong feeling of weakness


(3) He lost hope and faith




Reading for stronger nerves: how does self-destruction work with the best of intentions? The resemblance to self-destruction in sports is no accident.


Even in early childhood, a toddler has unmonitored access to the Internet and more and more often, their own smartphone. He is often more supportive of adults than adults are of him.


Health is the basic need of life. Healthy should be our normal condition, while illness should be the exception. Illnesses begin when the complexity of the whole operation is lower than the demands of the surroundings, from which follows, that disease cannot be a basic state of life, for then life could not develop at all..


In my work line, I realized that most of my client’s condition is the exact opposite of what it was supposed to be and that most illnesses appeared because of their self-destructive behavior with good intentions. The foundation for that behavior was already developed in early childhood. .



Who is the ego? Ego allows us to change our surroundings to fulfill our needs and wishes or changes us to suit the environment. 


Life has been long and increasingly alienated from the body and the natural laws and rules by which the body must function. That’s why we constantly face more and more obstacles in a shorter period, which creates a larger need for the ego to intervene – that’s how the ego takes the main role in the body-subconscious-conscious system.


Ego is the state of our consciousness that occurs when an obstacle is in our way, and it allows us to defeat or avoid it. Then we direct consciousness to a constricted state and change the mind’s functioning to direct the body’s functioning and create the appropriate pressure and movement needed to regulate the imbalance and increase homeostasis – thus perceiving a sense of satisfaction and state that we are okay.


The ego itself is neither good nor bad. It is necessary to regulate the environment’s attitude and provide the necessary conditions for life, satisfying needs, solving problems, and fulfilling desires.



Humanity was shaped through a struggle for survival caused by a lack of energy, not a lack of time; the body is adapted to this structure and function.


Our lifestyle, mental health, and surroundings determine our psychophysical condition, and we all know that. For many, however, it will be a new realization that due to repetitive muscle tension, improper breathing, and poor body awareness, the quality of our lives is declining.




The modern-day of life strongly influences the relationships of family members. The reach of the changes cannot be described. Life as we know it would be impossible without cars, technology, and the Internet. These changes have caused the nuclear family’s disappearance and the coexistence of multiple generations under the same roof and thus created the modern family – two parents and kids without a good connection with the grandparents. The modern family is an increasingly isolated unit, away from grandparents’ direct influence, which could allow children to learn about traditional, natural lifestyles, thus adapting their body structures and allowing them to prolong childhood and a smoother transition from childhood to adulthood. Grandparents also have many experiences and wisdom that derives from learning from past mistakes, which younger people can’t have.



ife in a social environment, societal rules, and interpersonal relationships demand that an adult does not show his feelings every time he feels them in himself. Through growing up, we learn which feelings we can show and which we can’t, which are expressed externally, how and when. The membrane participates in this through the superficial transverse muscular system, which controls our consciousness. We are talking about self-expression. The suppression of emotions occurs right under the skin’s surface, right before expressing our body (emotional reaction). Then the muscles that are supposed to be activated and allow the movement needed to express the emotion are contracted with a mind’s command. The inhibitory command of the mind, however, does not affect the other components of the emotion. We are aware of the desire to express ourselves; we are in touch with emotion; we observe our thoughts.



Pregnancy may be the cause of significant changes in body posture and movement.


The center of body’s gravity shifts forward in the last months of pregnancy, causing an increased curve of the lower back (lumbar curve) and the pelvis to move forward. Furthermore, the tension in the back muscles increases, shoulders move back and the head forward due to the change in the center of gravity. This poor alignment of spine causes greater stress on lower part of the legs and feet as well.


Practicing AEQ exercises can significantly ease or even eliminate common pregnancy difficulties. The change in the body’s center of gravity activates the green light reflex and the reflex syndrome remains even when a pregnant woman is standing, sitting or lying in bed. Somatic moves enable the control over the muscles of the back and abdomen; by relaxing these groups of muscles one can alleviate pressure on the spine and loosen up overstrained leg muscles, and so prevent the leg swelling and varicose veins.