Most people with lower back pain are well aware of how much suffering, sacrifices and time it takes to eliminate that pain.

You might have tried stretching, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, painkillers, or even surgery, but none of these methods helped or did not help in the long run.

The AEQ Method® provides a long-term, scientifically substantiated solution for back pain.

Education is one of the best ways to demystify almost every problem. The more you know about yourself, the more you can help yourself. When it comes to eliminating chronic back pain, the solution is relatively simple, and it’s based on scientific data on how the brain senses and controls the muscles.

The brain-muscle connection acts as a simple feedback loop, much like a basic computer system: sensory information (sensation) goes to the brain, and motor messages (movement) go out to the muscle. Feel, move, feel, move.

However, if we focus on back pain, a specific brain reflex called the Landau Reflex (green light reflex) is the cause of most chronic back pain. Because of that reflex, we are talking about the most common strain and the problem of the people. The reason why this problem is so common and so persistent and difficult to eliminate lies in the fact that it does not derive from degeneration or alteration of the structure or medical condition. It is much more related to the psyche, personality and emotional responses than to the muscles and bones.

Hence, the persistent back pain is linked with our lifestyle and the society we live in. Proprioceptive illiteracy and strong activation of red lite reflex is the fundamental problem of our time and lifestyle in the industrial society with all the alarms and schedules and ever-increasing pace of life, and the fear of the mistake in the future in number one fear of modern man.

People grow up with a diminishing ability to perceive and understand what is happening inside them and in their bodies. Our sensory system is created to give us this information. When a specific event occurs in our bodies, we usually do not notice it, such as the ringing of a phone, someone calls us by name, but then we have to jump into action. We all instinctively tighten the muscles in our lower back due to the green light reflex when this happens. This reflex only prepares us for action, straightens our spine, elevates us and prepares for the movement. There is nothing wrong with the reflex itself, and it is necessary for us to be able to do something and change it; the problem is the society we live in and our lifestyle as they activate this reflex several thousand times per day and it becomes a habit. Therefore, we are increasingly feeling fatigued, pain and tightness in the lower back, but we lack the understanding of why we are in this condition.


At its extreme, the activated reflex usually looks like the photo below. The second photo, however, clearly shows a decrease in excessive lumbar curvature after four active sessions.





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