Efficiency / Inefficiency

The result of order is efficiency, while the result of disorder is inefficiency. We feel the first as a pleasant emotion, comfort and satisfaction. The other is felt as discomfort, repulsive, anger and dissatisfaction. We all know this very well, except that due to haste, poor observation, and thinking, we no longer notice these connections that affect our movement, work, and life. At birth, we are helpless and therefore completely dependent on our parents, their knowledge and ability to arrange everything necessary for our orderly and efficient upbringing. Growing up is a period of learning and exploration – gaining order and thus efficiency. With knowledge comes independence, and with it come questions like “Mom, can I…?” which are connected to increasingly complex and responsible actions.

If a three-year-old asks you if he can go to the store by himself to get candy, you refuse him because you judge that it is not easy for him but rather too difficult and dangerous. When a ten-year-old asks you the same question, you agree with it because you judge that he can do it. After all, he has already learned enough and can handle it without danger or difficulty. If a sixteen-year-old asks you the same thing, you just give him a big look saying, “What’s wrong with my child?”

With your child’s growth in feeling, control, and coordination, as well as efficiency and orderliness, your relationship with him changes simultaneously. Efficiency is the basis for a pain-free life and allows us to effectively reduce entropy. By observing and improving efficiency, we create the conditions for life, growth, and joy.

You will increasingly respect the meaning of learning, which will affect greater orderliness, complexity, and efficiency while at the same time reducing your dependence on unnecessary technologies and performing your work conscientiously and carefully. That way, we preserve personal freedom, desires, and goals and train our abilities to achieve everything we want. At the same time, we are aware of both the rights and duties that arise from this.

This is why I give such emphasis on increasing orderliness, complexity and efficiency of movement and the improvement of clear communication within ones soma in AEQ exercises. Through exercises we gradually recover lost abilities; we improve them with less effort but more feeling, knowledge and curiosity. We try to transfer this mindset onto other areas of our life; that way we will improve as we go on in years, we become wiser, more efficient and have greater control over entropy.


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