Learning the AEQ method® needs to be a pleasant and comfortable experience to achieve the full effect, and our clients are always surprised how fast the time flew by. It means our clients have learned a lot, which is the primary goal of the AEQ method®.   Albert Einstein wrote: We learn the most by doing things with such pleasure that we even fail to notice when the time passed.   Learning through the AEQ exercises® is also the key to changes of the neuromuscular system functioning, which is used to direct the awareness to the body. Lack of awareness is the main reason for chronic pain, which is a way that our uses body tries to get out attention.   I can honestly say the chronic pain is the result of constant lack of attention devoted to the body, its sensations and movement. Usually, as a consequence of demands from the environment, not to sense the sensations and emotions we have as a child and not to express them. Be quiet, be a good boy or a girl; do what is right for you... All that leads to rising muscle tonus to adapt or run away from reality, which we can't stand and can't change.

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V kolikor že imate račun se lahko prijavite in si ogledate vsebino. V Kolikor pa svojega uporabniškega računa še nimate pa vas vabimo, da si ga ustvarite spodaj.