Movement and breathing can heal. The AEQ method gives us a new opportunity to address chronic pain, physical and mental problems of the 21st century

Are you in pain? You aren't alone.

Do your muscles hurt due to a recent injury? Does something in your body hurt you for a longer period, so you assume that it’s the result of sitting, a wrong step, tensions in the workplace, or at home? You may have had chronic pain for years, which was diagnosed by the medical profession and tried to relieve the pain with painkillers and physiotherapy, both unsuccessful? Are you in constant stress, which shows in your general wellbeing? Are you waking up with a dry throat?



For the listed problems, which we all know of, the solution is offered by the AEQ method developed by Aleš Ernst from the clinical somatics of the philosopher Thomas Hanna for many years.

Allow us to give you back control into your own hands with the help of the AEQ method.

With the AEQ method, we safely, gently, and reasonably eliminate chronic pain causes in the long run. It’s an education process through which we retrain and consciously change our behavior, posture, and movement. It’s an active, not passive method, a successful way of sensory-motor organic learning, which teaches us how to remove most of our chronic pain in the muscles and movement restriction. 

You will learn how to move correctly with the help of simple exercises of the AEQ method and change your habits that cause an imbalance in your body. AEQ exercises allow your brain to redirect and gain control of a new way of movement. Not only will you, if you will do the exercises regularly, walk more fluidly, and without pain, you will also get rid of your painful emotional baggage, stress, and anger. 

How different should it be at all, when you are no longer in pain, when you wake up rested, feel energetic, comfortable, and painless in your body!

Joy is key to maintaining youth and joy, and a healthy body is the key to freedom!


No more back pain.

“The pain was influencing how I felt, disturbed my training, and shortened my 16/17 tour for one month. Besides the back pain, I also had trouble sleeping due to fatigue and too much stress. I haven’t managed to figure out why I had so many health issues and what might cause them. I knew that fatigue resulted from all the training and stress, but I didn’t get rid of it even when I was resting. 

Štefan Hadalin, alpine skier

Permanently rigid back muscles.

When Aleš introduced me to the AEQ method, which focuses on chronic muscular tension as a reaction to a traumatic event or stress, I became aware that the problem is in sensory-motor amnesia. I also developed chronic muscular tension, which I blamed on aging and excessive physical exertion. But age itself isn’t the real culprit here; muscle reflexes become a habit due to everything we do in our life. What first seemed like the result of aging turns out to be sensory-motor amnesia, which happens due to high amounts of stress and injuries. Chronic muscular tension that becomes our natural state through the years is resistant to any drug, even with manual therapy, I couldn’t eliminate it. 


Marjan Ogorevc, athletic coach, author of close to ten books

How to insert AEQ into your life

Step 1 Get familiar with the AEQ method

Read the contents on our portal, where we systematically guide you by learning about the method, but above all, we offer you a different view of chronic pain and problems you’re facing daily.  

Step 2
Order your beginners package

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AEQ live experience

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While with most methods, we try to eliminate pain on a certain body part (neck, hips, back, …), the AEQ method understands that pain in the body is only a piece of a larger pattern of our dysfunction. These patterns show how we react to stress, which involves muscular contraction.

Sensory-motor amnesia and the dysfunctions it causes manifest in three possible movement patterns, which we call the green light reflex (go forward), red light reflex (stop, go back), the trauma reflex (the result of injuries), and the freeze reflex (panic or life-threatening fear-paralysis).


AEQ workshops

The AEQ worshops are lead by Aleš Ernst, teacher of the AEQ method, level 5

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About the founder

From a young age, I was a passionate sportsman. My career in teaching others began in fitness and kettlebells and teaching customers about correct movements while under pressure.  

I have had pain in my hip, which I tried to eliminate using different medical assistance methods, bodybuilding, massage, chiropractors, and physiotherapy. Still, because nothing helped, I just got used to the pain. Later on, when I started studying the possible causes, I stumbled upon the teachings of Thomas Hanna, a teacher of clinical somatics. When I saw the first possible solutions to my problem that didn’t include surgery, I delved deeper into learning the method with Martha Peterson and other experts. After a few days of performing the exercises, I noticed an incredible improvement: which made me want more.