We should never forget our own responsibility for our health. We should not allow ourselves to be victims of pain. Let's change our view of the world, that's the only way we'll be able to live a more beautiful and free life.

What is the AEQ method

With the AEQ method, you will learn the importance of correct movement through conscious and regular exercise. Your habits that cause your body imbalance will change.

The AEQ method and AEQ exercises allow us to feel what was previously unfelt and to increasingly use a new way of movement and behavior.

The AEQ method thus teaches us self-awareness and control over movement, thoughts, and actions, restoring the ability to manage our muscles, body, will, and thoughts. It offers an original way to relax muscles, affecting stress relief.

It is extremely important to develop the ability to feel your own body. This can be improved and maintained with AEQ exercises®. Being self-aware is extremely pleasurable, even narcissistic; you pay attention to yourself and monitor your body’s functioning with a conscious mind. Who am I to be so important? We are as important as the people around us, whom we should respect or love as ourselves. Therefore, let’s think about ourselves and try to get to know ourselves in-depth and nurture the spiritual explorer within us.





The AEQ method increases the understanding of the influence of the physical laws of the body structure, body functions, and the functioning of the mind on the way of behavior and life. It enables a better understanding of the interdependence and connection of the body, subconscious structures, and consciousness to better understand why we are not as we would like to be, even though we could be.


AEQ relationships enable understanding of the concept of emotional maturity and efficiency and their role in regulating relationships within and between us and the environment. Higher emotional maturity makes it possible to increase the probability of making the right decisions, the right actions, and better results.


AEQ breathing improves the efficiency of the respiratory system and increases the possibility of generating energy for actions aerobically, thus obtaining higher values of life energy faster and with it having a greater impact on the environment. It raises awareness of the role of time and its influence on the effectiveness of actions. Connecting breathing with time increases the ability of the consciousness to accept the actual passage of time and the fact that every work requires an appropriate time and that knowing and relating to time and understanding the law of time is key to eliminating chronic conditions.


AEQ exercises reduce chronic stiffness of muscles and fascia and thus reduce the body’s resistance and subconscious in introducing changes necessary for different behavior and relationships that eliminate chronic conditions. Less resistance enables clearer and faster communication inside and outside of us, clearer self-perception, and more correct actions.

Are you in pain?

Do your muscles hurt due to a recent injury? Does something in your body hurt you for a longer period, so you assume that it’s the result of sitting, a wrong step, tensions in the workplace, or at home? You may have had chronic pain for years, which was diagnosed by the medical profession and tried to relieve the pain with painkillers and physiotherapy, both unsuccessful? Are you in constant stress, which shows in your general wellbeing? Are you waking up with a dry throat?


For the listed problems, which we all know of, the solution is offered by the AEQ method developed by Aleš Ernst from the clinical somatics of the philosopher Thomas Hanna for many years.

Allow us to give you back control into your own hands with the help of the AEQ method.

With the AEQ method, we safely, gently, and reasonably eliminate chronic pain causes in the long run. It’s an education process through which we retrain and consciously change our behavior, posture, and movement. It’s an active, not passive method, a successful way of sensory-motor organic learning, which teaches us how to remove most of our chronic pain in the muscles and movement restriction. 

You will learn how to move correctly with the help of simple exercises of the AEQ method and change your habits that cause an imbalance in your body. AEQ exercises allow your brain to redirect and gain control of a new way of movement. Not only will you, if you will do the exercises regularly, walk more fluidly, and without pain, you will also get rid of your painful emotional baggage, stress, and anger. 

How different should it be at all, when you are no longer in pain, when you wake up rested, feel energetic, comfortable, and painless in your body!

Joy is key to maintaining youth and joy, and a healthy body is the key to freedom!

While with most methods, we try to eliminate pain on a certain body part (neck, hips, back, …), the AEQ method understands that pain in the body is only a piece of a larger pattern of our dysfunction. These patterns show how we react to stress, which involves muscular contraction.

Sensory-motor amnesia and the dysfunctions it causes manifest in three possible movement patterns, which we call the green light reflex (go forward), red light reflex (stop, go back), the trauma reflex (the result of injuries), and the freeze reflex (panic or life-threatening fear-paralysis).

How to insert AEQ into your life

Read the contents on our portal, where we systematically guide you by learning about the method, but above all, we offer you a different view of chronic pain and problems you’re facing daily.  


It is best to start learning the AEQ method by participating in 30-day AEQ method learning programs.


You can also learn the AEQ method individually. This approach is particularly suitable for more severe forms of chronic pain and conditions. You can learn from the author of the AEQ method or from teachers of the AEQ method at various levels.


You can also learn the AEQ method individually. This approach is particularly suitable for more severe forms of chronic pain and conditions. You can learn from the author of the AEQ method or from teachers of the AEQ method at various levels.

Customer reviews

The AEQ method, learning self-control

The AEQ method offers a process that changes how you look at your body and think, see, and feel. Getting to know, feel, and consciously control your body is something extraordinary. When you are ready to see...

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I think you have created a great deal of confidence in all of us

Even when I was reading your book, which was gifted to me for Christmas, I knew this was a very serious matter. However, with your introductory lecture my trust in you grew even more, which is reflected every day, especially during exercises. Your leadership is convincing, your answers mathematically accurate.

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I am becoming a better person because of the AEQ method.

Dear Aleš, your method has liberated me. My movement and my thinking have become easeful. My way of life has changed and improved. From being very hardened, sad, angry, scared and psychologically confused person I turned into a flexible, happy and open woman. I hold myself gently and talk to...

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Testimonial on AEQ workshops/group coaching

Since my first session with Aleš in 2016, all the experiences I’ve had with him have been full of inspiration and transformation. At the time, I was in need of help because I had severe back pain and ischiatic pain – I wasn’t able to walk for weeks. The pain...

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My views on the AEQ method

Learning clinical somatics according to the AEQ method is, in my opinion, learning to live in the truest sense of the word. Again. What we have already learned and know, but at the same time, we have also learned...

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I want to become an AEQ teacher

Future teachers of the AEQ method will gain an increasingly comprehensive and widely applicable perception of these principles of human functioning through the AEQ education stages. He will better understand the differences between the mind and body and the importance of clear communication between them.

Life events, especially those in our childhood, create the conditions for the appearance of these chronic tensions that enslave us, limit our mobility, and lower our efficiency and the ability to feel ourselves.

The teacher’s main task in the AEQ method is to guide the person to achieve inner freedom. To achieve such a state, it is necessary to eliminate the tensions that keep the body trapped. The body is molded and separated, and its functioning is completely distorted. Without regulation of these states, inner freedom is impossible, which leads to illusion and we are convinced that we think, feel and act according to our will.

For this, higher inner freedom must first be achieved by the teacher of the AEQ method himself.

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