Here you learn the method through personal contact with the author of the AEQ method, AEQ breathing and AEQ relationships, and by performing exercises on the table with the AEQ protocol, you reduce the sensory motor illusion. This way you increase the ability to consciously perceive the real state of the body and increase emotional maturity and efficiency.

Actively learning the AEQ method with the guidance of a level 5 AEQ teacher

The purpose of learning is to stop our special patterns of chronic muscle tension. First, you will become aware of them and make them aware; then, the teacher will teach you how to retrain your brain to change the orders sent out to the chronic muscles so that they can relax. You will then be taught how to set their length and function correctly. You will become better at self-control, changing your posture, movement, and responses to stress. We focus on your specific state, behavior, and your history of muscle pain and movement patterns during the sessions. Because active therapy involves physical exercise, loose, comfortable clothing is required (jeans, business attire, and skirts are not appropriate).

The process begins with a conversation: the teacher seeks out the strongest subconscious patterns. At the same time, they discuss the AEQ protocol, which depends on the client’s current condition, his realizations that he achieved during the previous session, and the blockades he detects when performing the exercises at home. The teacher helps her – he guides her with his hands and later controls the movements’ correctness. The movements are slow; with the help of the teacher’s touch, the client increasingly feels how deficient he is aware of the body’s movements and motor skills. Namely, the difference between the movement that a person performs and the movement that he wanted to perform is due to sensory-motor amnesia’s influence on the so-called sensory movement feedback loop. The feeling of imperfect control felt by the client and the illogical ticking at the slow release of tense muscles reminds the conscious part of the brain to focus more attention on the body and movement and gain more sensory information, thus increasing control and thus improving movement. The teacher’s touch facilitates and guides the focus of attention to the right places. His voice enables the correct execution of the movement, thus redirecting the sensory movement control to the right path.

We connect movement into a movement pattern, which replicates one or more somatic reflexes. The client tries to feel, recreate, and then let go of the reflexes when they aren’t needed; his control over movement increases and abandons unconscious movement patterns. This is especially important because movement defines the behavior. It is necessary to adapt behavior to the environment’s requirements and expectations during childhood and to strongly block a certain movement to achieve different behavior.

Active learning enables the client to recognize and chose whether a reflex is currently required or appropriate, or if it’s an old pattern that is useless now, maybe even harmful. Only active learning gives the client a stronger feeling of change. He becomes aware of how strong the minds influence on our well-being and our ability to change seemingly unchanging habits really is. This way, the client can feel and understand well the causes and consequences that put him in his current state. He learns to change the circumstances in which he finds himself, giving himself the opportunity for a different result and a different feeling, even though he has a certain problem for many years. Suppose the cause of the problem in the current circumstances is incorrect muscle tension. In that case, we can quickly change it into the right one through active learning, especially because we perceive more clearly and understandably that something is normal, unnecessary, and the reason for chronic conditions.

orders that come from the brain. It can’t even tell whether the orders are good or “bad.” However, the muscles’ state is greatly influenced by the past in the form of altered behavior and altered movement patterns that keep certain muscle groups in constant contraction from the subconscious and fascia. Active learning also includes the teacher’s work on the fascia. With special approaches and understanding of pulse flow, energy, and sensation, he discovers areas of fascia that are contracted and dry. This process is also very painful and is performed on naked skin. The approach is used in more difficult sensory-motor amnesia cases that result from strong behavioral changes due to emotional trauma, where fascia helps to maintain certain behavior, despite it being the opposite of what a person wishes to express.

During active learning, the client learns one or two AEQ exercises, which recreate the newly acquired knowledge and control. Then, through daily conscious repetition and development of movement complexity, push this knowledge deeper and ensure a lasting change in the sensory-motor connection between the body and mind. That’s how they strengthen the stronger movement and behavioral patterns. We find it increasingly difficult to go back to our old habits, but we also immediately feel if we have activated an old pattern, which gives us a conscious choice: to stay in it or leave.

It also allows you to live your present differently from your past, altering your future. All clients that attend an active learning session are unsatisfied with their current state and are afraid of what the future holds for them if they don’t change. Actively learning the AEQ method allows for a rational change of behavior in accordance with the body. Consequently, this allows you to change the actions that determine and enable change, increasing the likelihood that we will achieve what we want.

With every visit, you will learn the appropriate AEQ exercise that you can perform at home. Every day 30-40 minute exercise and exploring movement will strengthen new discoveries made during active learning. This is the recipe for eliminating chronic pain and making sure that it doesn’t return.

Active learning makes the ego realize that the body is a friend and not a foe and can achieve so much more if they cooperate. 

The most efficient approach is five to six-session in the span of three months. The first three visits in the span of seven to ten days, while the rest in two to three weeks. Cases of very severe contractions connected to emotional trauma usually require eight to ten visits in six to eight months. Eliminating scoliosis or strong emotional imbalances requires ten to fifteen visits in the span of two years.

Active learning can be done over Zoom sessions. The process is the same as in hands-on approach bud due to the lack of physical contact needs more character analysis and deeper learning of AEQ exercises. I developed that approach as Covid-19 travel restrictions limit the possibility to work hands-on with clients. Results are almost the same but client needs to put more of his time and awareness in to personal change.

The first session with a level 5 AEQ teacher includes:

Every next session with a level 5 AEQ teacher includes:

Due to increased interest, the current waiting time for a Zoom session is 1-2 months.

For a scheduled appointment send an email to

Learning the AEQ method online

Online learning is possible through FaceTime, Facebook video chat, or Zoom.

Online learning is appropriate in cases where active therapy or personal contact is not required to continue progress in understanding the AEQ Method® and mind-body relationships.

That way, you can receive answers to any questions and doubts you might have throughout the regular implementation of AEQ exercises® and changing character and movement patterns.

Often the questions are not so big and important that they would require the length of an entire therapy (90 minutes), so distance learning is also possible in shorter intervals, which enables a higher efficiency of using your time.

Working via video connection is also suitable for clarifying and answering your questions about the correct execution of the AEQ exercises® (in this case, when scheduling an appointment, state that you would like to review the correct execution of the exercises to receive instructions on the appropriate placement of the camera and arrangement of the environment).

An online video chat is also appropriate as an examination/consolation before your first active session while we discuss the most suitable approach to learning the AEQ method® as well as in more complex cases (scoliosis, strongly expressed autoimmune diseases…).


I had a poor connection with my body, but I wanted to achieve this by force.
I am glad I ‘’discovered’’ you and that COVID happened, because it gave me the opportunity to be present on your program that you led through Zoom.
My mind is clear, and I am physically and mentally more present and focused at every moment of the day
I can happily confirm that my days now go by without any pain even though it used to be a constant
The pain is washed away through tears that look so real but they are just emotions that we didn’t allow ourselves to feel in the past.
My views on the AEQ method
I have a special, strong and respectful attitude towards your exercises.
One month after completing the AEQ breathing program – Description of the impact; on me, on my life and higher emotional maturity
It’s important to become aware of the past
I feel confidence and inner peace. I took a very brave step and quit my job. It makes me happy that I was able to make a new step forward in my life.
I feel more energetic and confident after the program
I knew I found the right thing
Testimonial on AEQ workshops/group coaching
And the body doesn’t follow my orders. Interesting. It listens, but it adds in a move or two.
I did the exercises too quickly, without feeling.

In the beginning, when I was still getting to know the exercise, I told myself what needed to be done as I read in the description of the exercises you sent us. When I understood the exercise, I mainly performed it automatically, like any other exercise. It was important for me to do the exercises for 20 minutes, and I did far too many repetitions because I did the exercises too fast.

I would like to thank you for the things I experienced this month. I enjoyed your direct and honest explanations of my conditions. My observations after one month are such: back pain is completely gone. Even after having an hour-long walk. I now enjoy going on walks and have once more felt the genuine ‘’childlike’’ movement.

As a doctor who is also very physically active, I have always paid a lot of attention to injury prevention and stress management. A friend of mine recommended that I try to solve some physical problems with AEQ…

It has been a year in March since I first visited Aleš. Before AEQ exercises my leg pain was unbearable. I had the most issues with my left hip. Sometimes the pain was so severe that I couldn’t make a step with my foot. After having an operation on my left hip my condition didn’t change, there were moments where it got even worse. My orthopedist suggested to block the pain in my left hip and operate the right hip. I am glad that I met with psycho-somatics at that time and decided to not have the operation.

I have been dealing with hip pain for a while now. The results that I got back from traditional doctors have not shown anything special. They offered me painkillers but I rejected them because I knew this was not the right solution. The pain escalated at a workshop where two AEQ teachers were present. After talking to them, I decided to partake in the 30-day online AEQ program. The program helped me realize how much trauma I have stored in the area of my pelvis, hips and reproductive organs, my own and multigenerational.

Learning clinical somatics according to the AEQ method is, in my opinion, learning to live in the truest sense of the word. Again. What we have already learned and know, but at the same time, we have also learned…

I take your exercises very seriously. I take my time and am focused on what and how I will perform the move, even though I sometimes drift off the path, but I always manage to correct myself. I feel that certain movements have changed, compared to what they were like in the beginning. I felt a lot of anger these days, and my stomach has been incredibly bloated for a while now.

Today I can understand that during the whole month, while actively performing AEQ exercises and breathing protocols as explained in the program, I had a regular symptom of cleansing the body with the presence of worms in the stomach and cleansing through diarrhea. A whole month after the program, I noticed that my body was being cleansed and detoxified with this method.

The more I perform AEQ exercises, the better I understand the holistic connection. Change is only possible when we take responsibility. Nowadays, I don’t suppress my feelings and emotions to myself or hide…

It made me feel so excited when I realized that I can intertwine the AEQ method with my career as a physiotherapist and I also learned a lot about myself as well. I had a thought that there is a long and challenging journey ahead of me. Then I did a 30-day AEQ Breathing program. The exercises that we were doing laying down felt pleasurable but the moment you said that we will be doing them standing up my legs became shaky and I also started to feel nervous. I felt at war within myself – why can I do the exercises with ease when laying down but feel blocked when standing up? When summer came, I wanted to pull away from everything. I remembered your question – why don’t I move to the same place that my partner lives?

I am becoming more aware of my body, parts of it and areas where I am not relaxed. I am paying more attention to my walking and movement. Even during the program I began waking up in the morning without an alarm (something that hasn’t happened for about 40 years) and wake up more relaxed

If life is fair in anything, it is in settling accounts for our relationship with ourselves, our body, and our psyche. Everything we neglect while taking care of our body and mind with the excuse that it’s not important…

Since my first session with Aleš in 2016, all the experiences I’ve had with him have been full of inspiration and transformation. At the time, I was in need of help because I had severe back pain and ischiatic pain – I wasn’t able to walk for weeks. The pain was horrifying. Today, it feels like a vague memory because after diving deep into the AEQ world, doing the exercises regularly and getting to know the real, emotional, reasons for my pain, the pain either lessened or dissolved. It took me quite a few years to gradually change the wrong direction that I was heading into, a direction of inherited habits and behaviors from my ancestors, my environment and society in general.

I tried a few approaches already, but these exercises and the exercise routine have shown the most effect. Or at least they’re the most promising, because I still have quite a few months or years of change ahead of me. More than 40 years of hiding is not revealed in a few weeks. These exercises are certainly something else. They’re different than the lessons we learn throughout our lives: higher, faster, and stronger.

I recommend the AEQ program to anyone who wants to eliminate or alleviate their chronic condition with the help of the AEQ method.