Certain events in our childhood leave a mark on us; if they are traumatic, we suppress them into the subconscious and then carry them around as extra luggage. It is self-protective, but at the same time, it burdens us. These experiences lead to chronic reflex activation that leaves movement patterns as a result, which also shape our personality. Movement patterns are intertwined with behavior, and this is more or less accepted by society. As we adjust ourselves to be accepted by others, we add new layers that slightly smooth out behavioral deviations. All of the above builds our personality, directs our emotional reactions, and influences our appearance – posture, movement, behavior, character… Most actual causes for chronic pain and strong sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) originate from different events in childhood. A child commonly imitates the posture and habits of one of his parents. Many generations have passed, believing that hard work is necessary for progress and that fighting or even asceticism was the only true path towards success.

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