Reading for stronger nerves: how does self-destruction work with the best of intentions? The resemblance to self-destruction in sports is no accident.


Even in early childhood, a toddler has unmonitored access to the Internet and more and more often, their own smartphone. He is often more supportive of adults than adults are of him.


Health is the basic need of life. Healthy should be our normal condition, while illness should be the exception. Illnesses begin when the complexity of the whole operation is lower than the demands of the surroundings, from which follows, that disease cannot be a basic state of life, for then life could not develop at all..


In my work line, I realized that most of my client's condition is the exact opposite of what it was supposed to be and that most illnesses appeared because of their self-destructive behavior with good intentions. The foundation for that behavior was already developed in early childhood. .

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