A person without consciousness would be like a robot: perfect in his movement, nor would he make too much or too little movement in unconditional goal orientation.   He would feel no emotion and feeling and would be carefully protected from pain. But since man is not a machine, it is good that he pays close attention to his consciousness. Being aware of oneself is natural to us and allows us to choose and make decisions. The freer we are in body and spirit, the easier we direct our life, while ignorance makes us prisoners of a vicious circle of problems and illnesses.   Our organism is a complex and developing system, so it constantly forces us to nurture its integrity so that we are completely aware of it and try to advance in every level of living. A person's consciousness is the one that allows all parts of the system to be efficient and cooperative. Self-awareness allows us to feel the shortcomings in our system's functioning; only constant learning prevents us from shying away from problems. Learning the AEQ method is the approach that allows us to know and act, which gives us invaluable experience.

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