If we wish to cure our condition, we have to become aware of the pattern hidden deep inside us.

We may begin to mention this pattern, complain about it, or recognize it in other people. Somehow it floats to the surface of our attention, and we begin to establish a relationship with it. We often attract a teacher, friend, workshop, or book that awakens in us new approaches to solving our problem.   We respond to the first stage by thinking that this approach is stupid and doesn’t make sense. We may find it too simple or unacceptable for our way of thinking, we don’t want to do it or resist all our might.

Za ogled celotne vsebine se prijavite spodaj

V kolikor že imate račun se lahko prijavite in si ogledate vsebino. V Kolikor pa svojega uporabniškega računa še nimate pa vas vabimo, da si ga ustvarite spodaj.