Proprioception and muscle stiffness   The key to understanding the causes of chronic pain in our muscles and joints lies within our proprioception, which is being aware of movement, and feeling ourselves. Muscles and most tissues in the body have sensory cells and receptors that tell the brain what is going on in and around the body.   When the muscle tenses up and contracts or relaxes and expands, and everything is as it should be with our proprioception, then we will feel that immediately. We also have sensory cells in the joints, which tell us how much pressure is in them and determine the joint's position and angle. The skin constantly sends out sensory data, and the internal organs communicate the organs' state with the nerve endings of the brain. Proprioception involves the entire central nervous system, from the body's sensors to the sensory part of the brain. In the brain, the sensory part is connected to the motor part so that the sensory information coming from the body becomes the guide for the movement commands that we send back to the same area. The sensory-motor system is designed so that we cannot feel without movement, and we cannot move without feeling. When we move, we sense our movement, while feedback allows us to know what we are doing and where we are. This constant exchange of senses and orders allows us to live and learn.

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