Who is the ego? Ego allows us to change our surroundings to fulfill our needs and wishes or changes us to suit the environment. 


Life has been long and increasingly alienated from the body and the natural laws and rules by which the body must function. That's why we constantly face more and more obstacles in a shorter period, which creates a larger need for the ego to intervene – that's how the ego takes the main role in the body-subconscious-conscious system.


Ego is the state of our consciousness that occurs when an obstacle is in our way, and it allows us to defeat or avoid it. Then we direct consciousness to a constricted state and change the mind's functioning to direct the body's functioning and create the appropriate pressure and movement needed to regulate the imbalance and increase homeostasis - thus perceiving a sense of satisfaction and state that we are okay.


The ego itself is neither good nor bad. It is necessary to regulate the environment's attitude and provide the necessary conditions for life, satisfying needs, solving problems, and fulfilling desires.

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