How and why does the AEQ method benefit a pregnant woman, and what benefits does the body have during that time?

The AEQ method understandably explains this and enables the perception of a woman’s real situation and her relationship with her partner and surroundings. This way, it is possible to appropriately influence the attitude towards oneself and the environment and prepare for parenthood. This increases the chances of the feeling of satisfaction that pregnancy should contain and the bond between the partners strong enough to withstand the stress test that the birth of a child always causes.

The AEQ method doesn’t separate an individual into body and mind; instead, it understands the person as an inseparable connection between the body, the subconscious, and consciousness. That’s why AEQ exercises have a healing effect because due to better connectivity, we become more aware of the real situation and remember its causes. The better we are aware of the causes of bodily responses in certain circumstances, and the more we understand them, the easier and clearer we become aware of ineffective responses. The less we make our lives or others more difficult with our emotions.

Ineffective expression of emotions leads to ineffective relationship management, leading to malaise and physical or mental pain and problems. However, this is neither a good nor a suitable condition for pregnancy, when the mother’s condition has a decisive influence on the child’s development and thus determines his life path.

AEQ exercises increase the ability to relax our muscles and body when there is no reason to have elevated tension. This increases the ability to rest and calm down, which is not only inside the mind but in the whole body. This slows down entropy in the pregnant woman’s body and makes a calmer and more satisfying pregnancy and relationship within the newborn family possible.


Are AEQ exercises useful even after childbirth? If yes, how?

It is appropriate to maintain the effect of the AEQ method on pregnancy even after it. This prevents a woman from getting physically stuck in pregnancy because she is very afraid of the period following childbirth. Many women feel a strong fear of the responsibility of being a mother and lock themselves physically in the posture and movement typical of pregnancy. Even after childbirth (this is especially common if it is performed epidurally or as a cesarean section), it remains in the excessively curved lumbar spine, with the pelvis pushed back and the shoulder girdle pushed back.

The quality of a mother’s connection with the child depends on the connection between her consciousness and her body, as communication with the newborn child occurs only through the body. However, suppose the mother has sensory-motor amnesia disrupting the connection between the body and consciousness, unconsciously separating them. In that case, she very often misinterprets the child’s signals and reacts to them incorrectly. This, in turn, makes motherhood very difficult and creates increasing stress in the family, thus preventing the existence of a suitable environment for the development of the child and the child-mother relationship.


What are AEQ exercises?

The AEQ method is based on the process of increasing the body’s conscious sensation and movement control, which includes thorough self-observation and self-knowledge based on AEQ exercise patterns.

We don’t know what we think we’re doing, but what we’re actually doing.

So we get to know our true selves and distinguish movements that are more natural and normal to us than those that are strange and difficult to us, even though there is no real physical reason for it.

The method helps us find out what we like and what we don’t, what we are afraid of and what makes us angry, and why it resists us in expressing these emotions to those around us.

The first step towards achieving our goals and fulfilling our needs is to find out who you are right now and why it’s preventing you from achieving your desired results.


It all depends on you and only you.

When performing AEQ exercises, everything depends on you. No one will do the exercises for you.


The fact that everything depends on you and only you can be frightening, but at the same time, it can empower you. It’s easy to say that someone else controls your actions or that he’s responsible for your successes and failures. 

It takes the responsibility off your shoulders.

In reality, you’re the only reason that you are at this point in your life where you are now.

You can take a negative stance towards this or decide to turn it into the most positive thing you have in life. 

Whether you want to brag or admit defeat is primarily about how much you want it and whether you want to take control of it.


Just applying more power and force isn’t the best solution.

When performing an AEQ exercise, more force and power only brings you pain and makes you tired, while more sensation and coordination bring you pleasure and relaxation, despite performing the same move.


The fact is, no conflict resolves the way we want it to.

Why? Conflicts are, simply put, disagreements between two sides who hold different opinions, while one is trying to convince the other that they’re right.

It’s rare to achieve the desired outcome.

So what do we usually do? We are defending our position even more fiercely.

In line with inertia, however, when one force is opposed by the same force, so when we strengthen our position, the opposite side will do the same, which does not get us anywhere. When you have problems with more force, you usually don’t see the situation as it really is.

So instead of using force, try using your reasoning and your body feeling and analyze the situation. That way, you connect yourself into a useful whole, which uses the power of reasoning and bodily intuition to look for a better solution to problems and fulfilling your desires.


Every problem or question can be solved easier by consciously thinking and using experience and wisdom stored in our subconscious. 

When performing AEQ exercise with awareness and a desire to increase feeling and control over movement, we quickly discover how to perform the same movement (work) better, safer, and more efficiently.


Do you respond quickly when someone says something to you? The problem is, you can lose the best opportunities if you don’t take the time to think about the whole situation. When we respond with a reaction instead of intentionally, it is difficult to achieve the desired response.

What does that mean? It means that we need to take a moment to think about the actual question or situation before we decide to react. 

That way, we lower the influence of suppressed emotions and inappropriate conditional responses so that we can figure out what the point of our response is and how appropriate it actually is, which leads us towards finding a better solution. 


AEQ exercises allow us to simulate real responses and learn from successes and failures without negative environmental responses to our actions in daily life.


How can I perform them (during pregnancy)? What does efficiency depend on, and what do I pay attention to when implementing?

It is best to start learning the AEQ method and AEQ exercises before pregnancy in order to increase contact with the body and the perception of physical states in consciousness. Thus a woman increases and regains her essential quality of feeling and understanding much more than a man can feel and understand himself. In this way, it can perceive and regulate the feeling of too much internal tension, which prevents the proper development of the embryo in it. Too much internal tension is the result of inappropriate emotional maturity and thus insufficient ability to influence the environment to change the attitude towards the future mother and allow her inner peace. In such an environment of the abdominal cavity, both getting pregnant and pregnancy are difficult, as there is no space and peace for the child’s development. As a result, we can observe how the level of problems associated with getting pregnant and pregnancy, as well as the problems of the relationship between the newborn and the mother, rises in line with the increase in the speed and complexity of life.

The basic requirement for the appropriate and efficient performance of the exercises is having spare time and attention. If we do not have those two in life, then we cannot expect a change in the right direction, so it is necessary to make more time by reorganizing our daily lives. It is best to spend 30-40 minutes a day learning the AEQ method and exploring yourself with AEQ exercises.

The only exercise I do not recommend for women who have been pregnant for five months or more is when we have to lie on our stomachs. There are no other restrictions.


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