How and why does the AEQ method benefit a pregnant woman, and what benefits does the body have during that time?   The AEQ method understandably explains this and enables the perception of a woman's real situation and her relationship with her partner and surroundings. This way, it is possible to appropriately influence the attitude towards oneself and the environment and prepare for parenthood. This increases the chances of the feeling of satisfaction that pregnancy should contain and the bond between the partners strong enough to withstand the stress test that the birth of a child always causes.   The AEQ method doesn't separate an individual into body and mind; instead, it understands the person as an inseparable connection between the body, the subconscious, and consciousness. That's why AEQ exercises have a healing effect because due to better connectivity, we become more aware of the real situation and remember its causes. The better we are aware of the causes of bodily responses in certain circumstances, and the more we understand them, the easier and clearer we become aware of ineffective responses. The less we make our lives or others more difficult with our emotions.  

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