Frequently asked questions about the AEQ method

The point of the AEQ system is to gradually eliminate the internal separation resulting from our surroundings’ patterns and responses to our central nervous system. This happens due to our inability to influence our environment during childhood when it had a harmful effect on us and thus prevented us from raising the level of homeostasis. Therefore, we had no other choice but to take over or develop a separation within ourselves in order to prevent the separation of the environment from us, which in the long term leads to chronic conditions because we are not aware well enough of the conditions we have in our bodies, even though these conditions are strong enough, that we should be aware of them. This makes it impossible to have a suitable high homeostasis and operation efficiency, which would allow for the proper management of acute problems and thus prevent the emergence of chronic conditions.

AEQ uses all three basic building blocks of the human being as a whole. It helps us develop stronger connections between our consciousness, subconsciousness, and body. It increases your body’s influence on your mind, thoughts, decisions, and actions. That way, we can more easily determine what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong, and we add our bodies into the decision-making process, which should significantly influence decisions. Long-term appropriate AEQ learning adds an extremely important ingredient to everyday life; the body.

AEQ is best learned through online programs and individual sessions with AEQ teachers. Online programs allow for the most effective step-by-step learning of the AEQ theory and exercises. Individual sessions complement what you learned during the program and create a holistic approach that helps you eliminate chronic conditions.

The AEQ system teaches you what is necessary to change the functioning of the neuromuscular system, which allows us to positively influence chronic conditions. Chronic conditions arise when we cannot properly manage acute conditions. This means that you cannot sense and determine the source of the problem and develop an effective solution to it. Chronic conditions arise when we solve the problem in an apparently ineffective way, and we are not aware of this fact. Helpless, we look for solutions outside of ourselves and mainly focus on mitigation or supportive treatment. However, such an attitude does not eliminate chronic conditions in the long term but strengthens and expands them.

The AEQ method treats chronic conditions and their causes from the perspectives of the body, subconscious and conscious; therefore, the purpose of increasing the comprehensive understanding of all three components of the soma is to learn the rules of the influence of the environment and human action in this environment and the use of AEQ exercises to increase the internal connection between consciousness and bodies. This way, we understand and feel the unnecessary muscle tension and body contraction, and we gradually learn to lower them. This increases the influence our body has on our consciousness, which allows us to increase the amount of influence our consciousness has on our body. That way, we gradually reduce the powerlessness to influence the elevated tensions that create the conditions for chronic inflammation and a dominant sympathetic state.

Learning the AEQ method allows for changes in most chronic conditions and requires appropriate determination, time, and patience in dealing with yourself.

AEQ teachers are divided into different levels of competence, determining how they will teach you AEQ and which areas of specialization (method, breathing, or relationships).

Level 1 teachers teach you the basics of the negative impact sensory-motor amnesia has on you and teach you AEQ exercises, the purpose of which is to provide relaxation and help you recognize your body’s limitations.

Level 2 teachers teach you the basics of how emotions affect your mind and body and how suppressed emotions and sensations influence your posture, movement, and behavior. They also teach you AEQ exercises of higher complexity and difficulty, which will trigger bodily and emotional responses. This helps us realize that there is something inside us that we usually don’t feel but still influences our thoughts, decisions, and actions. 

Level 3 teachers teach a deeper understanding of the functioning of the neuromuscular system and use protocols while you’re on the therapy table to greatly increase awareness of the internal connection of the body and the importance of correct coordination between muscle tension and muscle relaxation. They help you achieve a significant change in muscle stiffness, which thus affects the rigidity of behavior and thinking. The teacher’s emotional maturity enables deeper insights into the weaknesses that cause chronic inflammation and the influence on creating new approaches and consciously changing behavior from patterns that cause and maintain chronic conditions to other better and more effective responses and actions that reduce chronic conditions.

Level 4 teachers teach you a deeper meaning of the influence your body has on the autonomous nervous system, your subconscious, and insula, as well as the effect of old brain structures on the conscious part of the nervous system. They allow you to gradually change the subconscious patterns that cause us to get stuck in destructive behaviors that we don’t know how to escape and that others can’t save us from. The protocols they teach are more demanding for the client and reveal the helplessness in relationships and internal blockages in the holistic all-body expression of strong emotions. When learning, if necessary, they use the AEQ fascia approach, which enables deep relaxation of the tension trapped in the fascia, which additionally raises emotional maturity and thus enables the implementation of better solutions for problems that we do not know or cannot fix.

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AEQ demands a certain amount of time and focus on ourselves and our behavior. That way, we can gradually understand why we suffer from chronic conditions. Therefore, the difficulty of learning the AEQ approach depends entirely on the difficulty and causes of the chronic condition and the current relationships in the environment that affect us consciously or subconsciously.

The basic condition for learning the AEQ method is that you provide time and attention that we can devote only to ourselves. Only this way will we learn about the conscious and the physical connection. A lack of ability to direct awareness to bodily sensations and movements is the most common cause of chronic conditions, so finding time and attention is the biggest challenge for beginners.

The gradual increase in internal contact often brings forth a new temporary obstacle on the path out of a chronic condition. A temporary deterioration in well-being results from a better feeling of oneself and decreased muscle tension, which therefore blocks less pain in certain parts of the body. This condition often appears when resolving stronger chronic conditions while working with higher-level teachers. It is essentially an abstinence crisis of breaking free from the chronic constriction that has allowed us to live ineffectively without being aware of that ineffectiveness.


Yes. Sometimes certain exercises do not bring relief, which is why you turn to the AEQ method. Sensory-motor amnesia makes correct movement performance more difficult. However, the disconnect between body and mind leads to frequent exaggeration, preventing better well-being and desired improvement. The AEQ method makes it possible to better define the true goal and dynamically change it through change and growth by enabling and encouraging the return of the mutual harmony of mind and body with which we were already born. In Western cultures, we all too often forget that the body is not just organs, skin, muscles… Even the mind cannot represent the superior aspect of human existence, while the body is supposed to merely serve it. The subjective part of man, represented by bodily sensations and emotions, is an equally important part of the puzzle that provides a solution from the loop into which most of us fall.

It was created due to the inefficiency of classic clinical somatics and other somatic methods, which I have studied during my time as a teacher of clinical somatics. I have expanded the existing knowledge with knowledge from the fields of physics, sports, biology, psychology, fascia, breathing, child development, and the influence parents have on the development of a child’s personality. A new, improved, and effective approach, adapted to today’s conditions, enables the management of even the most severe consequences of chronically contracted muscles.

It depends on the severity of your condition. You will feel changes after a properly performed exercise, a workshop, and after an active learning session of the AEQ method with a level 3 teacher or higher. I must emphasize that eliminating chronically tense muscles is a lengthy process because it requires a change of the whole, which takes time and determination to achieve. The time required for perceived long-term changes varies  according to age and the pain duration, which may last for years or be still fresh.

However, everyone can help themselves change their lives with the knowledge they gain from learning the AEQ method and the insights provided by AEQ exercises. An important part of these is learning to breathe properly.

The method helps with conditions resulting from the loss of the ability to unwind muscles into the soft, relaxed states when muscle tension isn’t required. When you regularly wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to sleep in the evening, it is necessary to consider to cope with the state of sensory-motor amnesia. Most chronic pain originates from a state of sensory-motor amnesia, and its reduction has a positive effect on their elimination.

By teaching you to understand physical and mental processes and the reasons for the development of sensory-motor amnesia, we increase the consciousness’s ability to change sensory-motor feedback loops between consciousness and the body. Through AEQ breathing, we increase the strength of feelings, will, and energy needed to change movement and behavior. Through active AEQ learning and AEQ exercises, we decrease the divide between the body and consciousness created in the past and caused the loss of conscious control over our muscle tension.

Active therapy is when you perform AEQ exercises with the guidance of a level 3 (or higher) AEQ teacher and are required at more severe conditions of chronic contraction and illnesses. Exercises are performed by you alone and are used to further better your condition.

Some exercises can be performed outside the closure of your home, but yes, they have to be performed regularly in order for you to maintain your well-being.

AEQ: aequitas is the Latin concept of justice, equality, conformity, symmetry, or fairness.