We shouldn’t forget that we all went through periods of helplessness in our early childhood. But if the environment had not abused it, the separation from the energy source would not have occurred. That way, there would be no lack of hope and faith, and the dominance of the mind over the membrane (body) wouldn’t develop, allowing feelings from the depths to come to the surface. The surface life separated from the essence is becoming more and more meaningless, resulting in the pressure of energy in the abdominal cavity. Sooner or later, it will find its way to consciousness and cause an outburst of emotions. This will also increase the feeling that we are missing something. We will begin looking for that something, perceiving the body’s needs. A person who does not find the right way to this contact can turn down the path of addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or adrenaline.

In addition to the fear of helplessness, there are other fears that create or increase this gap. A person is afraid to feel his inner sadness, which often borders on despair. He is afraid of suppressed anger and panic and the terror of death. These repressed emotions lurk like demons lurking behind the respiratory barrier before a confrontation. We suppressed most of them when we were smaller, and the demons were bigger then than they are now when we are adults. The subconscious fear of them remains the same because we have no real feelings due to the separation. We are aware that we are now wiser, stronger, and more experienced, but this awareness does not affect these patterns, it doesn’t affect thinking. When learning the AEQ method, we understand this connection more, so the fear gradually diminishes. We realize that we are afraid of the past, even though we are in the present. Through exercises and understanding, we make the unconscious within us aware. Facing your fears reveals that they are not as scary as they first seemed.

Simultaneously, the brain can produce substances and hormones that create feelings of pleasure in the head in order to override despair, fatigue, and depression and create an illusion (cardio junkie). They also help themselves with intoxication (chocolate, alcohol, drugs…), while the body cannot do this if the consciousness does not agree with it. This creates a belief in the person that the body is the source of all evil and problems and that it is wiser to isolate it.


Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing

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