Because time changes things and life, the changed ” me” must occasionally sync up with the past ” me.” In the past, the only thing we had to deal with for our survival was the physical perspective of life. However, in today’s world, much of our activity revolves around waiting and letting information come to us, rather than looking for it ourselves and making progress. We no longer have to move around our environment to communicate with the world, as modern technology allows the world to reach us.

This created a false feeling of self-consciousness and distorted proprioception. It caused a divide between our mind and body. While we used to feel the world around us by communicating with it, we now primarily use thinking and assimilating new information. The AEQ method is directed towards regaining control over our movement based on consciously motivated practice. It is a way of gaining control over our everyday habits and reactivating what we have lost because of habits and routines. With the AEQ method’s help, we can establish a relationship between our emotions and how the body senses the world around us.

Today’s way of acquiring knowledge is quite different from the development of past generations. Previous generations learned by playing with others and developing a sense of self with the environment. But today, we are being taught that we have to sit still and let the information come to us instead of letting us find them ourselves. This changed our motivation and wish for communication not only with those around us but also with ourselves. It led to something called sensory-motor amnesia. Because we assimilate knowledge differently throughout our lives, we do not nurture the connection between our minds and brains as they once nurtured it.

Due to a different connection with the world, we have lost the ability to maintain health. We feel as if we are separated from the environment that surrounds us and from each other. Therefore, our sensory-motor system does not mature and does not develop, which means that we constantly feel pain and a state of separation from well-being. We can no longer recognize our body signs or live effectively as it suits our physical body. This has led to a chronic loss of control over our movements and body. To put it simply, the stress in our daily lives, for example, makes our bodies react with muscle tension. This results in constant muscle contraction. If we are not aware of such changes in the body because we have lost the ability to listen to our bodies, we never relieve tension. We don’t do for the body what it needs to mitigate the effects of everyday life.

Because we don’t know how to recognize the clues our body sends to the brain, we fall into constant tension, which eventually causes a breakdown and overload. As with any machine, this leads to wear and tear and disease. This loss of the ability to recognize the signs sent to us by the body leads to chronic pain and illness. With the AEQ method®, we once again stimulate the brain and body to start communicating as they were originally designed. Again, we learn to listen to the signs that our body sends to the brain to effectively change the response of our locomotor system, thereby eliminating disease and improving our health.

Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing

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