Breathing is our primary task for survival; the only activity performed every moment in a day. Our well-being, state of mind, and emotional responses depend on the quality of our breathing.

AEQ Breathing

How does incorrect breathing impact our health?

AEQ breathing derives from the belief that changing and adapting emotional expression demands a change in the way we breathe. The more we tailor our emotional expression to our surroundings, the more chronic it becomes, which makes the change in our breathing chronic as well. Once the altered way of breathing becomes chronic, we lose conscious control over it and it becomes the new normal. With time, it is exactly this ‘’new normal’’ in our breathing that leads to health issues.

What causes incorrect breathing?

Most people experience irregular breathing as a result of attempting to control fear, love, or anger.

What can we solve with AEQ breathing?

AEQ breathing enables the change in muscle tone of our respiratory muscles, thus changing the way we breathe. AEQ breathing is developed, shaped and directed towards helping the client understand their inner processes and to start becoming aware of them so that they can begin consciously working on changing their way of breathing. As a result, they can also change their emotional expression and raise their emotional competence and self-confidence. The unique approach offered by AEQ breathing enables the eventual regulation of breathing without the unpleasant consequences of releasing repressed emotions and memories. It enables changes in the pulsation of the muscles and the gradual regulation of breathing in a correct three-part breathing rhythm, which is coordinated with the current physical and mental state.

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Where can I begin with AEQ breathing?

Step 1: Read more about AEQ breathing


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Step 3: AEQ breathing teachers

You can find all certified AEQ breathing teachers that will help you restore your breathing down below. Find the one that suits you most!

Jani Brajkovič

Knezova ulica 80, Novo mesto, Slovenia and MIRA OASIS 1 – D63 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Mobile: +386 40 654 653 or +97150 569 9459



Tjaša Garin

Studio Dansana, Vrtača 11, Ljubljana (center), Slovenia

Mobile: +386 31 777 117






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