Hello Aleš,

I saw on Facebook that you sometimes publish the testimonies of participants regarding your programs, and since I am very grateful for your leadership, I sincerely wanted to express it.

I cannot express enough gratitude for your 30-day breathing program. I realized that I needed something to help me be more aware of my body and emotions, but other methods were either too fast or too abstract. Because my body perception was very poor and the stiffness too great, I had a huge subconscious desire to just exist within reason.

I can honestly say that the AEQ method was the missing piece I was looking for. Maybe I really like it that much because my body finally gets the attention it requires, while keeping my mind occupied with analyzing the here and now. At first I was surprised how quickly 30 minutes passed and how much I was looking forward to performing them. I was also shook in the first few days regarding how strong emotions can be felt with just one ‘’simple’’ exhale.

Your explanations were the heart of the exercises and were extremely helpful in allowing me understand why my body is acting the way it is. I really like your blunt attitude, you don’t promise quick results and you put emphasis on how important changing ones behavior is. You also warn us to keep things slow, be it exercises, work, sports, change or other things. When I managed to change my behavior in a certain situation and observed that I can do things with ease (something impossible the day before) I felt the reality of your words on my own skin.

I cannot thank you enough. I am strongly aware that my life will never be the same as it was. Although I tried to change certain patterns before, it didn’t work, but now a door has opened for me, through which I want to walk slowly but steadily forward and into my depths. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART – THANK YOU!


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