I am looking forward to the next breathing program.

Greetings Aleš,


My first program is slowly coming to an end…

With your help, I am on a path to getting to know myself.

I am aware that there is a long road ahead of me, and that it will take a lot of determination to even come close to my desired results. (I really hope I make it, because determination is my main weakness)


The exercises themselves have a really good effect on me, even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. I feel better on the inside, which I find to be most important right now.

I can feel how my armor began to slowly fall apart when performing one of the respiratory exercises. I was very close to completely collapsing into a mess of emotional outbursts, which makes me believe that my awareness will greatly improve as time goes on.

The rest of the exercises have a very relaxing effect on me, and I generally feel good. I am slowly learning how our system works and feel the connection. What I can highlight the most is the rigidity of the right buttock and down, both during exercises and during the day when I do something else.

Now, in the last week, I noticed that during the day, I am occasionally accompanied by minor pains that come and go… head, knees, neck, a cold, fever… the most problems I have are headaches that appear out of nowhere.

I wonder if the reason for these pains is due to the incorrect execution of the exercises or if these pains are the awareness of something new that I was not aware of until now because I have been hard as a rock all my life and suppressed my feelings. At first, I was not allowed to express myself, my thoughts, and my feelings… but later, I learned to hide all this well and observe life only from the sidelines, and I never wanted to express myself as a person.

Now I am at a stage where I want to improve my life energy, my well-being, health, and my relationships. I want to breathe fully with my lungs. I am truly glad to have found you and your program, which helps me improve the way I feel.

Every critique, explanation and praise from you is always welcome. I am looking forward to the next breathing program.

Sincere congratulations on your work and best regards,