Your approach to a person is different from my psychotherapeutic method, but at the same time it touches the same contents in a person.

I really enjoyed the AEQ Method 30-day upper body program. Maybe even more so than the 30-day AEQ breathing program, although I think the breathing program is more elementary. After the upper body program, I feel considerable flexibility in the upper part of the body. I liked all the exercises, they were useful, and I almost loved them. The order of the exercises is of great importance, twice daily guidance accelerates conscious work on yourself.

I especially enjoyed the upright flower and the neck and head exercises. As if I had actually stretched and relaxed my neck muscles for the first time in my life. I am glad my wife joined me in the program, and I am glad that my children joined me during AEQ breathing as well. We talk about the things we learned on the program a lot at home. During both programs, I became aware of how important the myofascial connection of the body is and how our emotional world and the physical, muscular world are literally intertwined, connected. Yes, I feel more alive up there. During the day, I do an exercise at least once, my favorite is breathing modules, because it warms up my legs. Certainly the most obvious contribution of both programs is the effect on my legs. The effect started to show after about 6 weeks of the program. The legs are not fully warm yet, but it is 70% better. I hardly ever wear woolen socks anymore. Above all, I have a tool – regular breathing practice turns the feeling of cold into warmth in the legs. It’s divinely beautiful – like being in a sauna or on the Adriatic Sea when it’s 35 outside. I don’t notice any other drastic changes in myself in relation to the surroundings, perhaps the biggest thing is that I express my anger more clearly and more often towards my wife (which we also agreed, that she can expect this now). Well, it’s still a big shift, because I still have to make a conscious decision about it.

I am convinced that more of my family members joining your programs will improve the feeling and atmosphere of each individual. Taking responsibilities for their own actions and emotions. We already have no barriers about discussing any topic. We are very comfortable with expressing our emotions and talking about them. We also made it clear to the children that they can always express their anger towards us and our actions, including the setting of boundaries and order, although it is not said that in the end my direction, my instruction, will not apply.

A positive effect of my participation is also the newly acquired knowledge that you passed onto us. Your approach to a person is different from my psychotherapeutic method, but at the same time it touches the same contents in a person. And the focus on results for clients is also quite similar, only the path is different. By combining your words, knowledge and way of working with my approach. In fall, I will enroll into the AEQ teacher training course, level 1 in order to gain additional knowledge and permission to use AEQ methods (as far as the first level allows). The result of participating in both workshops is the increase in my knowledge of clinical somatics, fascia and body memory in fascia. There are not many scientific articles (with research) on this topic, but a few of them fell wonderfully into my way of working and getting to know myself. Combining the AEQ method and body-oriented psychotherapy is certainly a great benefit for clients.


Be well!


Janez Logar