Tjaša Garin



The feeling of complete helplessness when you can’t even move an inch. I collapsed in the middle of my kitchen after gently lifting my child; home alone with a baby and a two-year-old. The feeling of fear – will it stay like this forever? The third pain block treatment in the past few years followed and the doctor suggested the next step to be herniated disc surgery. I knew then that I would have to make a radical change if I was to be able to continue with my family and professional pace of life.

It was in the fall of 2015, when I learnt about Clinical Somatics from Aleš Ernst and after a few active therapies in the span of three months alongside regular exercise, I felt more and more of my inner disorder slowly beginning to dissipate. In that same winter, after two consecutive births and without an hour of sports activity, I got on skis and was able to do my best turns so far. Since then, I haven’t felt muscle soreness – not after sports, strenuous activity or even the first skiing day of the season. J Hernia surgery has not been on the agenda for many years and I also eliminated mild scoliosis, which was diagnosed in my early twenties.

The biggest added value of learning somatic exercises was that I finally learnt how to calm my mind. In the past, I sought this calm in various ways, including yoga and meditation, which did help – to a certain extent. I can now detect and calm down the buzzing in my head and physical tension significantly faster and, above all, I better understand and respect the role of time, the influence of gravity and other physical laws that govern us. In fact, we are under their influence all the time! We want to trick them daily with our mind, squeeze an infinite number of events into one day – and the consequences of this craziness are always borne by our body. Pain is the greatest fuel for change – it was the same for me. The AEQ method convinced me because I see it as “grounded”. The explanations are tangible, logical, adapted to the modern times and cultural environment.

I am a sociologist by education but have been working in the field of sales and marketing all my life. My professional path first took me abroad, where I worked for several years in a German-speaking environment. Working with foreigners and getting to know other cultures makes me very happy. Customer care has always motivated me, and it continues to do so today. My partner says that I’m a classic corporate person, moderating his creative and free character with my need for structure and organization. We are a family of five who strive for balance and where there is always something going on. Every day is full of challenges, but above all we learn from each other. I’m learning more and more what it means to be a parent. We all want to be conscious and good parents but if we don’t feel ourselves, we can’t feel our children. The consequences of immature actions of the adults in the family are always borne by its weakest members – the children.

I have also been interested in people and their inner motivations for a long time. The lion’s part of solving my psychophysical condition came through understanding the AEQ method. My decision to learn more about AEQ method teaching was a logical consequence and I entered another, a more lifestyle-related “faculty”. When you understand how and why something helps you, then you want to share this knowledge with others. If you want to really understand something, you have to teach it. Through teaching other people, I keep realizing that spreading knowledge and experience is one of the most wonderful callings in life. Learning the AEQ method means connecting people in a way where individuals get and create their own experience, begin to change themselves and gradually regain their freedom, lost due to pain.

The AEQ method, whose name derives from the Latin word aequitas, addresses the concept of balance and fairness. With the AEQ method, you begin to learn, to feel yourself, to recognize blockages and – when you are ready – to discover your own past. AEQ exercises provide a tool to help you learn to take responsibility for your own condition and consciously change it. You realize where you are lacking, where you are overpowering, and what is “just right” for you. The advantage of humans compared to other living beings is the ability to learn. This is how you realize that everything we do in life is learnt – both things we want and don’t want to do. Things we don’t want are unlearnt or consciously changed with the AEQ method and exercises. You will re-learn what you already knew, namely to be in touch with yourself, and consciously alter your life in the desired direction. As a result, you first eliminate pain and chronic conditions and, in the long term, gradually begin to use the new thinking models that you acquire through learning the AEQ method in all areas of your life.

We can improve our own psychophysical condition only by consciously involving our body, being aware of and gradually adjusting the relationships which we operate in – to ourselves, those close to us, others… The AEQ method teaches me conscious action and less unconscious transmission of unwanted behavior patterns from the past, enabling me to become a better partner, parent, friend, colleague… This is how I became a better person, but above all, I remain curious and am happy to learn from everyone I meet. I’m looking forward to meeting you too.



I teach the AEQ method individually or in group workshops, both in person at the Dansana studio, Vrtača 11, Ljubljana Center, as well as online (Zoom, Teams,…).

I also perform active learning on a table. I teach in Slovenian, English and German.

My working hours for receiving phone calls and responding to e-mails are between 4 and 7pm.



Level 3 AEQ Method Teacher, Level 2 AEQ Breathing Teacher, Level 1 AEQ Relationships