I am feeling spontaneous and free. Feelings that were stolen from me in my childhood.

Hello Aleš


I do the exercises regularly and I know that this time is intended only for me (30 minutes seemed long at first, but when I go really slowly into the exercise, they pass as if in a flash – new experiences) and for discovering my depths, so I do the exercise differently because I know that I have time for all the details and not in a way that just satisfies the mind, superficially and the result was also suitable for that. I do exercises from the programs, combine them with breathing exercises and always feel wonderful.

I noticed that I need the first 15 minutes to “fall” into the exercise, so that I can focus only on what I’m doing and then continue more calmly, and if possible, extend the exercise to 45 minutes or even an hour. That’s how I started doing the other exercises that I didn’t like before and I’m slowly researching them, noticing where I’m not doing well and putting more attention into that part. It might sound clichéd, but now I understand it differently based on experience.

We are currently on vacation, and I am noticing a lot of lessons from the programs and from experience in the exercises. My actions are now different, more pleasant, and kind to me. I feel calmer inside, and I take time for myself. I am less and less a puppet who has to entertain and satisfy everyone. I don’t terrorize myself or those around me with: ”A-ha,   now we’re going for coffee, now to the beach, now we go to eat, now it’s time for rehearsals, now…” instead, everything is more relaxed.

I am feeling spontaneous and free. Feelings that were stolen from me in my childhood. I now feel them once more, and allow myself to continue being like this.

I enjoy it more and more and understand what you were talking about on the program when you talked about people having an “allergy to relaxation.”

I didn’t answer you right away either, I would have done otherwise, but I waited for the right moment within me.


Thank you.

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