ALEŠ ERNST = game changer, AEQ METHOD = life saver



I must express my thoughts about the program in writing, despite it not being easy… I feel like a writer who hit a block and lost the silver lining of the story he’s writing, crumpling paper into balls and tossing them into an ever-increasing pile in the garbage can… I’m staring at the wall and trying to collect my thoughts, despite the fact that almost every day during the program and after its end, I had a new flashback, which I now can’t remember specifically.

So, I’ll keep this short.

Despite all the doubts that appeared in the beginning, especially how I could manage to be present at the same time for 60 days in a row, it turned out that when you commit to something and believe in its effectiveness, you adapt everything to it. At first, it was a bit strange, as it was my first online program of this kind, but it went quickly, and not only did I only really ask for a recording once, but I started looking forward to every evening and socializing. Mainly because I have not been so disciplined that I would consciously decide to do exercises and breathing protocols every night until now.

I observed how this evening ritual helped me conclude the day and despite many things going on during the program – anger, helplessness, discomfort, disappointment,… – I felt relaxed at the end, which led to a good night sleep.

The decision to join the program was really smart because even though we learned a lot at the Level 1 Breathing Teacher Seminar, the program was a completely different experience. In fact, I don’t know how, without basic knowledge of the AEQ method, I could have been present in such a way and taken away so much or gained so much. Even more than before, I realized how invaluable explanation is, that is, answers to the questions you ask yourself and answers to those you didn’t even know you had.

I won’t be doing a full summary of the program, but I will end it with the fact that I don’t know how to translate into Slovene:
ALEŠ ERNST = game changer

AEQ METHOD = life saver


Sonja Gerkman

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