This will definitely come in handy when I consciously need to calm down and prepare for sleep.

If I compare participation in this program with the previous two, I have learned more during it, on a deeper level and in a clearer form (it prevents me from continuing to close my eyes). Even though there were several realizations, in my opinion, by participating in the previous two programs, I prepared the ground for the last one, so they seem to me to be equally important milestones on the way to today.

I got the most out of the standing exercises, even though they are also the most uncomfortable for me, and in critical moments I would prefer to completely collapse and go back to floating in the womb or completely in the other direction, so that I would prefer to stop the exercise and scream at the top of my lungs.

I came with the intention of knowing more about my breathing and knowing how to improve it accordingly. Partly also in the desire for progress, which I want to achieve in my journey as an AEQ teacher. I am satisfied with the execution of the program and it was worth the purchase.

The moment where I reached more clear confrontations with my problems was when performing a standing module 5, which we combined with the respiratory bend and added a flavor in the shape of active emotions when counting out loud. Above all, it helped me that the specific feelings always appeared at the same stage with each repeat of the exercise. Thus it was much easier to recognize that this was a behavioral pattern and not something random. The feeling that repeated itself and reminded me the most of my inefficiency started when we finished purifying the air in the lungs and started counting the numbers, and always only when counting the first five to ten numbers. At that time, I got a wave of energy into my head, due to which I partially lost my vision and got the feeling that I was going to fall unconscious. It was only because of a good foundation, a safe environment, and confidence in myself that I was able to remain on my feet and go through the process without interruption. And it was worth it because with each repetition, I was less afraid and the negative reaction to the start of the count was less and less.

It is true that I don’t know what exactly this means and why it comes to this when I begin counting. I think that it’s because I have the most energy in the beginning, making my subconscious freak out that I will have a strong impact on the environment with said energy and will cause more harm than good. I will continue exploring this part in exercises and my relationships with others.

I also liked that I understood more how useful the 1st and 2nd breathing modules could be for relaxation and calming myself in the event I am under too much stress because of something, and I want to reduce the load on the body. This will definitely come in handy when I consciously need to calm down and prepare for sleep.

Thank you Aleš for a well-lead program!

Klemen Žagar

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