I am glad to be in touch with my inner strength and my aggressive-active emotions so that I can use them when necessary in a way that won’t cause harm to myself or my surroundings.

The 60-day program of AEQ breathing had a deep effect on me from its length alone. It demanded a lot of attention, effort, and discipline from me.

60 days in a row, being present at the same hour in lectures and listening to very deep topics on the subject: the influence of the past on our lives, mutual relationships, behavioral patterns, the function of the subconscious, consciousness, and body, the search for the causes of chronic abnormalities in movement and breathing is not easy. It’s gaining knowledge, a higher awareness, the creation of healthy routines and habits, and the first step towards fixing the disorder within us.

As a teacher of AEQ breathing, this program allowed me to develop on both a personal and teaching level, for which I am grateful.

I got answers and confirmations that I understand and teach breathing correctly, and at the same time, you’ve given me much to think about. What areas I am lacking, and where I should invest my time, energy, and focus so that I can improve even further in this area.

I found it very useful that you were teaching the following:

  • How AEQ exercises are “only” a part of the tool that helps us decrease sensory-motor amnesia and allows us to reach required conclusions and can define because of who and why we were forced to change and alter our breathing and movement in the past.
  • How, by gradually changing our behavior and increasing our emotional maturity and efficiency, we can influence certain relationships and change them, thereby creating balance in our lives.
  • With a higher emotional intelligence, we thus allow ourselves to have less pressure in the environments that mean the most to us and where we are most often, thanks to which we can breathe more and more correctly, even if we don’t do the exercises or only do them for sensory-motor hygiene, to maintain the flow connection body and consciousness.


Your explanations on the program confirmed that I am on the right path and helped me put together the missing pieces in my mosaic, the very pieces that I needed during this period.

I feel as if I am physically returning to a child’s body, in that period when a child learns to run and move and would constantly do it with a smile on his face, playfulness, and spontaneity.

I got a lot of ideas, creativity, and details on the program. All the ways I can explore everything around me through AEQ movement and breathing exercises.

I would highlight the 5th and 6th modules the most, through which I felt the connection with the upper part of the torso; diaphragm, chest, arms, neck, and head.

Because of these two modules, my breathing became even deeper and full; I feel like I gained more life force and, with it, more self-esteem and inner strength.

The two modules have become part of everyday practice.

The program made things clearer for me on the topic of relationships, and I’ve become aware of what to focus my time and attention on so that unresolved relationships will be sorted out and that I will not repeat the same or similar mistakes.

I am glad to be in touch with my inner strength and my aggressive-active emotions so that I can use them when necessary in a way that won’t cause harm to myself or my surroundings.

Of course, there are daily trials and ups and downs that are part of life, but it’s good to have tools to help you stay aware of the experiences you learn, grow, and develop from.

Thank you for your leadership in this program, and I am looking forward to the seminar for becoming a teacher of the AEQ method, Level 2.

Kind regards,


Karim Al Saleh