My daughters scoliosis

In June 2016, we discovered that our then-11-year-old daughter had scoliosis. A visit to the doctor and an x-ray scan confirmed that it was a 22-degree shift. They immediately recommended a conservative treatment for scoliosis – orthosis, for which they explained to us that at best, if my daughter wears it for at least 12 hours a day, it can only stop further curvature of the spine, but that there is no method by which scoliosis can be corrected. Even though I was skeptical of this method from the beginning, we still decided to go ahead with it while also thinking about other methods of curing scoliosis, which we wouldn’t need to use, as our daughter put it, “medieval torture devices.” I heard about the AEQ method from a friend who, with Aleš’s help, fixed her health problems and has also concluded an education course on the method. At her insistence, I contacted Aleš and, through a chain of happy coincidences, soon got an appointment. The meeting itself was a pleasant mix of conversation and exercises, and after that, my daughter and I, encouraged, set off on an adventure with the method.

Even though the exercises required a lot of mental effort to focus on the movements, my daughter didn’t have a problem with it. For the next three weeks, she persistently performed the exercises every morning and evening, after which a new meeting with Aleš followed. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of her condition prior to the first session, so we don’t have any “evidence” of the incredible improvement of her condition. The difference was obvious and could be seen from afar in my daughter’s posture as well as the curvature of the spine. The following meetings were the same interweaving of new information, consolidation of what had already been learned, and a good mood. With every new meeting, scoliosis had visibly decreased and is now almost unnoticeable four and a half months after the first session. My daughter had a routine check-up at school a few weeks ago, and the doctor commented that her spine was “great.”

The AEQ method greatly influenced my daughter’s life, not only in the sense of straightening out her spine. The most obvious change is the tidiness of her room. She is generally a very tidy person and made sure that her room was tidy, but it took a lot of time and effort to do so. Shortly after the start of the therapy, she cleaned her room with ease and almost without effort. We have also noticed that organizing school obligations has become easier. Before the AEQ method, the large number of obligations was a huge pressure on her, and at that time, she could not organize herself to do them all. It now became much easier; she still happens to be under stress, but she pulls herself out of a stressful situation almost immediately and effortlessly and does whatever is needed. I feel like she’s generally happier, more content, and somehow more organized since she’s been performing AEQ exercises.

Mimi Konig Barušić

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