Feedback on the effect of participating in a 30-day program to eliminate burnout and chronic fatigue

In the first two weeks of participating in the AEQ program, I felt a strong resistance in my subconscious while performing exercises. It appeared in a constant hunger for air (yawning) and extreme fatigue, making it difficult to remain focused and pay attention to your explanations. When performing respiratory exercises, I had restless legs and sometimes even hands, which once again resulted in a lack of attention. However, this unrest completely disappeared after the programs conclusion.

Despite the considerable reaction and resistance of the subconscious mind, I began to notice changes in the reactions of the people around me, which were different and contrary to the established practice, all after a few days of doing the exercises. Obviously, the reactions of those around me were different because of me appearing in a different light, with a different energy. I have also noticed a better contact with my body during work, as well as the fact that I can act in a more controlled, deliberate manner in more emotional situations; in more demanding conversations, I act more deeply, collected, and calm (like a looong slow exhalation). During the period of participation in the program (which I believe is not a coincidence), I also had some challenging and in-depth conversations, which I carried out collectedly and decisively from start to finish, with a greater degree of putting myself in the foreground than ever before.

I am also noticing changes in my dreams. When I analyze how I feel in the morning and what I dreamt about, I come to multiple different realizations. The “shades” of how I’m feeling are identical to the feelings from the wound of youth (loss, loneliness, also genuine joy, a sense of satisfaction…), which, as a rule, lead me throughout the day to events from my childhood, when this emotion was present, used, used up… It’s really incredible how we open the way for completely and long-forgotten events so that they can clearly float to the surface again.

Memories from my childhood appear in my mind, the patterns of action of those close to me. I have a different outlook on people now. Because of these, I also recreated said patterns with my body using sensory-motor amnesia, physically stopped a certain flow of feelings, even if there is no need for them… It became easier to understand the causes and results of actions and the events that accompanied them.

Although many realizations are bittersweet, I am extremely happy that I have embarked on a path that leads to greater holistic order: a better understanding and control of my body, correct breathing, and clearer, more collected thoughts, which I believe that by diligently continuing my studies, I will reach a higher level of perception and, above all, act on myself and my surroundings more consciously and sensually than I have done so far.

Now that a good 2 weeks have passed since I finished participating in the program, I am doing the exercises myself at home. Slowly but steadily, new views and insights are opening up to me. I believe I’m on the right track.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your knowledge, your breadth and depth in your explanations and expert guidance of the exercises.

I am glad to have joined your program and thankful to have meet you at just the right time.

With respect,


An anonymous participant

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