Simona Benedičič, Kranj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

Level 1 seminar brought me so much new and useful life knowledge that I felt in a hurry to get to Level 2. If this was my university, I would save myself a lot of pain, and life today would be a lot easier. After finishing university, I felt like I was looking for myself and moving more and more away from myself.

I found my first taste of freedom with the AEQ method. I am able to explain to myself why things are the way they are, and I can make sure to create quality changes to a much greater extent than before. My movement is becoming much softer, I am calmer in my head and more alive in the body.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me why do we have certain postures and why is movement in today’s world becoming more simplistic and harder. I am realizing how the inability to express emotions affects breathing, I am perceiving how sensory-motor amnesia keeps me in a particular pattern/mode/type of action, I increasingly understand why chronic pain occurs in the body, and I can also classify the feeling of guilt and fear of the future as a form of pain.

I am raising the level of orderliness, self-awareness and thus efficiency. I never thought I’d find a textbook of life that changes the view of oneself and the world.

The inner work that is “required” by Level 2, keeps me firmly on the ground, so I can raise my perseverance and take responsibility for my growth and progress. I tackle this in a way that is supported by a great deal of compassion, patience and the pace that is dictated by my body, because now I know I can’t get ahead of it.

I perceived AEQ education as a combination of theoretical interpretation, spontaneous conversation and group and individual therapy. It has all come together into a complete whole that is so unique and content rich that it speaks for itself.

In Level 2 we learn that mechanical problems arise due to emotional/energetic blockages caused by a blockage of a particular behavior. We become more and more aware of the influence of the conscious and the subconscious on our changes in breathing, the role of the subconscious on our lives and the role of the conscious on changes in our behavior. AEQ exercises in Level 2 are much more complex, addressing the pelvis area, which affects the emotions the most, and the chest area, which allows the rotation in the center of the torso and determines the range of inhalation and exhalation.

On the first day, I praised myself very sovereignly for how well I was doing. Level 1 training has birthed fruit, because I truly made a concrete shift in my life. The next day I spent in quiet observation, listening and connecting, and on the last day I felt worse, but I felt I got what I quietly wanted/needed. With his refined feeling, Aleš poked into what I was successfully suppressing in myself and was waiting/asking to be freed and released.

The feeling within yourself (your own body) changes. Each of us is liberating himself/herself in his/her own pace and scale, gaining a wider spectrum of responses to the environment that are less and less under the influence of conditional actions of the unconscious.

I am grateful for the whole experience of AEQ education: for my willingness and dedication, for the classmates who have contributed to the pleasant and safe climate, and I am especially grateful for the knowledge that was given by Aleš and his spontaneous, easeful but so powerful influence on our breakthroughs. Much respect for the AEQ method, its teacher, and life, which undoubtedly supports and gives us the courage for our breakthroughs and our growth.

Simona Benedičič, Kranj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

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