Samo Šinik, teacher of AEQ method® 2. level

Here are some of my impressions and findings from the seminar for teachers of AEQ method Level 2

We have survived 5 days of »reality show« under the baton of Aleš Ernst .

A seminar was very dynamic and educational due to the selection of participants with different mindsets (different personalities and characters). You taught us theory and exercises by the AEQ method in a way that started up our long-repressed emotions, senses, memories. You »skillfully« recognized individual’s happenings, as well as what was going on in the group. You found the right words and continued teaching, which helped us learn new perspectives and how to change our thinking models.

You kept our attention focused throughout the entire 5 days and hence evoked processes within (and outside) each one of us on all the levels (energy, mental, emotional and physical). When the depth was needed, you used the AEQ method to activate further processes that enabled us to feel and understand what went on, to communicate that and set ourselves free.

We’ve got familiar with the next level of the AEQ method, however, we need to link all that we’ve heard, sensed, saw, read and, of course, wrote in order to understand it .
We’ve got to know the strong influence that the AEQ method has had on us as well the others, which has made us think how and to what extent we would use the new »weapons«.
I believe we’ve all got, including you, new insights into the AEQ method.

I know and feel the AEQ will change my life and consequently the life of my family and lives of people I teach the AEQ method.
It was interesting and educational to witness undulation of the ANS and awareness of an individual, how you perceived that with your awareness and senses and presented additional questions and examples at the right time, first to the whole group and later directly to a participant – and kaboom

The transition from sympathetic NS to parasympathetic NS was clearly visible – and the action started – result – »miracle« happened, which we now understand.
You did a nice job calming down the workshop and participants on the last day, but at the same time, you still taught us about the importance of awareness, thinking and touch.
I believe I got the answers I was looking for and I’ve changed my priorities.

The new AEQ exercises are phenomenal. I feel great like I always do after one of your workshops or seminars. My »pelvis danced«, however, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.
I’ve caught the wave and I’m moving on with the AEQ.

Samo Šinik, teacher of AEQ method® 2. level

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