Tadeja Severkar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

AEQ has become a part of my mindset and my life in the past few months.

The knowledge I gained would be hard to split and divide into individual one-day workshops, active individual work with Aleš, and level 1 seminars. However, the seminar can be referred to as a place where I gained most new experiences and skills as well as deepened the existing ones so that I am now able to pass on the knowledge of AEQ clinical somatics to my clients.
I decided to attend the seminar because I no longer needed help from my physiotherapist after I visited my first AEQ workshop and active therapies.

The first effects of the method can be noticed as early as after the first workshop, but real, long-term effects reveal themselves over the course of time. Change in mindset is the foundation. Namely, just effort and force don’t bring the desired results. Like in a children’s play maze – the one who finds the shortest and easiest path wins; the best method is a path with the least resistance. But at the same time learning the method can be compared to learning a new foreign language: your knowledge expands as you practice and explore every day. When you take the time to learn and explore, you get better at what you do.

How and why should we even change our lives? Changes are necessary as even the healthiest, smartest and the most socially aware person needs to improve oneself. So I have begun to transform my thinking and I’ve also started becoming more aware of my own entropy (disorder) as well as increasing my syntropy (higher-order). I’ve been doing that without forcing, just like it’s recommended to do the AEQ exercises, which are intended to establish the awareness of one’s own body and restore /improve the neuro-muscular connection.

The seminar was a great experience, full of new discoveries, upgrades, and aha moments. It all came together in its best possible way. Our group of ten attendees of the seminar, our motley crew, has transformed into a group of friends and colleagues. We all had different experiences, lives, and prior knowledge, we learned from each other at this seminar, exchanged our knowledge, and absorbed the lectures of our teacher Aleš Ernst. The seminar is well prepared; I and my colleagues eagerly followed the explanations in the classroom all six days.

I could write a comprehensive book about all the information and conclusions from the seminar, but I’m giving you only a portion of it for now:
Even though I have lots more to learn about the AEQ method, I already know so much more about it than people around me and I can pass on this complex method in a simple manner to my clients.

Gain and keep the attention of students. The meaning of explanation that fulfills the information vacuum. We teach them so they can help themselves.
I’m not doing the AEQ exercises, I’m playing with them. And it’s fun! 13 exercises that we’ve learned and discussed from the viewpoint of seminar attendees, teachers, and observers. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The importance of timing. The right combination of meticulousness, precision, skill, and feeling. Past, present, future, and the leaps between them while we teach the exercises.

Shokunin – I’m consciously improving little things in my life every day by doing my favorite chore; I’m improving myself with playful joy.
And the final thought I’ve developed from Aleš’s statement: Seminar plants the seeds and then waits for them to grow up.

One can’t force nature to rush anything. The seeds are the knowledge we were given at the seminar. The composition of the soil is mine, so many minerals, so many emotional traumas and so much air and rocks. They need just the right amount of watering, not too much and too little. That’s my responsibility. And then I’ll notice one day how nicely they grow!

Tadeja Severkar, Luxembourg, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1

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