Janez Logar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I met with Aleš Ernst and the AEQ method in 2021. I actively participated in four AEQ programs and did regular exercises in between, by choice. This was the basis for my participation in the seminar for AEQ Teacher Level 1.

At the seminar, we received additional knowledge of the AEQ method. Some themes were, of course, repeated, but the explanations were a little different. During my studies of psychotherapy (2012-2015), I was amazed at the fact that I had to listen to certain topics, especially emotionally colored ones, several times to hear the essence of the content. I’ve been receiving Aleš Ernst’s explanations in a similar way – on sensory-motor amnesia, the law of balance, the law of time, Newton’s laws, about the anatomy of the human body, about emotions… I just need to hear it more often to internalize it and to integrate it into the knowledge I have from before. I really liked Aleš’s interpretation of relationships, emotions, intergenerational transmissions of trauma, and the hidden content in a man that we don’t want to be aware of and which has a huge impact on our lives. I’ve drawn my knowledge of man so far from dr. Gostečnik and his colleagues, Dr. Levin, Dr. Gendlin, Dr. Schore, Dr. Rothschild, Dr. Trstenjak… Each in its own (scientific) way interprets man and relationships. The advantage of Aleš’s explanations is simplicity and comprehensibility. Anyone can understand him right away. I liked that. The topics I already knew in a theoretical way Aleš illuminates in a different way, his own way and a very understandable way. It is a bit more technical, rational, masculine, but very clear. I really enjoyed his explanations. It is welcomed that the lecturer often speaks from his own experience and wonderfully combines theory and practice.

The advantage of the seminar was, of course, also the group. A group dynamic that “gives wings to the individual.” We listened to each other and at the same time experienced ourselves. The personal stories of others always touch us and leave a mark on us. We ripen as speakers and as listeners.

I use the acquired AEQ knowledge for my own life. I now perceive my body in a different way, I feel it more and I am more aware of the content that is in my body. Self-awareness helps me set boundaries, especially to people who don’t respect my boundaries. I also use AEQ knowledge to change the way I do therapies. I’ve been given additional knowledge and additional tools to access humans. I can now access people differently through the body, through their awareness of their body and the position of individual parts of the body. It especially makes it easier for me to work with people who are dissociated from themselves and have weak contact with their senses or feelings in the body. The AEQ method makes it easier for me to connect with, for example, highly educated men who live primarily on a rational level. With the AEQ method, it’s easier to get to the emotional-physical world where the real therapy actually starts.

The AEQ method is appropriate for personal growth as well as for many professions that deal with people. It is also highly beneficial to attend several AEQ programs beforehand.

Janez Logar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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