With AEQ exercises, we can improve the mind-body connection, the feeling, and control of the muscles, and look for the easiest way possible to perform the exercise's movements.   Pain and movement limitations usually occur due to a strong, subconscious blockade of self-expression. Self-expression, which is only possible through movement, needs to be under an appropriate amount of self-control, taught to us during our childhood, throughout our whole life. But it usually comes from constantly recurring situations and trauma, which lead to the formation of characteristic patterns of muscle tension needed for longer-term control of self-expression, which we are less and less aware of over time, but increasingly influence our movement, posture, decisions, and expression.   When these patterns become increasingly inappropriate and prevent effective movement, expression, and life, we usually feel this inadequacy as chronic problems and pain. We don't know the cause, but we still feel the consequences. Such conditions are effectively and reliably remedied by the AEQ method by understanding the distortion of these connections and the responses of the mind and body to reality.

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