You are a true treasure trove of knowledge.

Hello Aleš.

I’ve been experiencing the 30-day breathing program very intensely. I really liked the way you were teaching and leading the breathing exercises and modules. The instructions were clear and the repetition was helpful. Throughout the program I was doing the exercises once per day when on my own.

The program helped awaken the memories from my early childhood that had a strong impact on the communication I have with myself and others. I gained a new understanding through a new frame in regards to how I respond to positive and negative situations. Immediately after the end of the program I had a swollen throat and tonsils without any outer trigger. I was coughing out green mucus and it lasted for 10 days.

I have a feeling that this was a reaction to the effort I’ve put in. The program strongly influenced my posture which is now straight from all four sides – left, right, back, front. My communication is also becoming more clear and I am more confident. I do the breathing exercises and modules between 4 to 5 times per week. I feel so fully conscious and aware when I am doing the exercises. Aleš, thank you for sharing these moments with us. You are a true treasure of knowledge. Everything was explained perfectly.


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