I am glad I stepped into the world of AEQ. I enjoyed your teachings, knowledge and leadership.

Hello Aleš,


Here are my findings, feelings and realizations through the AEQ breathing programs.

I joined this program because I learned, through previous programs, how very tense I am. I began learning how to relax and feel my muscles, as well as how to correctly perform and lead AEQ exercises. I realized how important correct nasal breathing is. Mine was the opposite. It was shallow, distorted, I was regularly hyperventilating, which you have pointed out to me several times. I was also breathing through my mouth, which caused me many problems.

Because the previous programs were excellent, well and professionally prepared and managed, enriched with your knowledge and experience to our many daily questions, advice and my findings, what I need for my health, where are the many causes of my problems, to reduce my SMA, how do I help myself get back into balance, improve my emotional intelligence, etc.

In the beginning of the program, I had difficulty performing the exercises correctly. I was unable to relax my chest, fully and deeply inhale and follow the beat of the metronome. Soon enough, unpleasant feelings have begun to appear, strong emotions from my childhood, crying, sleepless nights, headaches. In short, my body had begun to relax. All the suppressed emotions from my childhood and recent life began pouring out. Learning how to correctly breathe was the most impactful, relaxing program. I began changing, became aware of myself, my own body… Through learning the exercises from six modules, I gained knowledge of breathing techniques that I am still learning, and using to improve my breathing during exercises.

I am advancing slowly, because there comes a day when my body, my subconscious interferes too severely, and prevents me from doing any AEQ exercises. These issues are long-term.

I am glad I stepped into the world of AEQ. I enjoyed your teachings, knowledge and leadership. I am using them to improve myself and eliminate SMA – chronic problems, for which modern medicine cannot solve. That is why I continue in the new program with all gratitude and interest.

Well done Aleš, you are a real expert. Thanks for all your advice and answers. I am succeeding, I am on the right path and so is my daughter.

Marija Tekavec

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