I had a poor connection with my body, but I wanted to achieve this by force.


First I would like to write that I am very happy that I decided to join your program. I learned that I was performing the exercises completely wrong.

In the beginning, when I was still getting to know the exercise, I told myself what needed to be done as I read in the description of the exercises you sent us. When I understood the exercise, I mainly performed it automatically, like any other exercise. It was important for me to do the exercises for 20 minutes, and I did far too many repetitions because I did the exercises too fast.

But now, a few days after the program ended, I perform these exercises by myself, and I keep telling myself what I must do, and even change the order a bit to prevent things from becoming automated. I perform the exercises slowly and consciously, and 20 minutes pass in the blink of an eye.

I also realized that I used to apply pressure on the base at full strength. The reason was probably that I had a poor connection with my body, but I wanted to achieve this by force. Now I try to feel the pressures as little as necessary so I’m not too tense. Sometimes in the middle of the exercise, I feel that, e.g., the shoulder is no longer tense at all, but after I relax, I feel that I was able to relax the shoulder as well (so there was a slight pressure).

My biggest issue is a lack of proper sense. When I’m lying on the ground and trying to feel my body, it presents a big problem for me.

It’s even worse when you ask for the difference… e.g., how before the exercise, how after the exercise… I completely freeze here.

I also feel that once I finally feel something, e.g., where my body is glued to the ground and where it is not, I keep dragging this feeling forward, whether it is true or not.

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