To illustrate it with a known phrase: “united we stand, divided we fall”.

AEQ exercises help us reconnect our conscious awareness with our feelings, and soften our body and connect it with our authentic emotions and responses. Our body starts changing, our conscious awareness starts having a bigger role and we start recognizing better when are we taking action from our subconscious patterns – this gives us the insights that we need when we are handling real life situations. Muscle and emotion control are stronger which create a more realistic reaction. We are not behaving from a point of view of a helpless child but from an adult that thinks through before reacting and then makes a reaction based on knowledge and experience and not based on subconscious patterns. I took me quite some time to realize why do I actually need to do AEQ exercises. At first, I liked the exercises and their slowness because I felt more relaxed and had less pain afterward. Through time, I started looking for deeper meaning in the exercises, for the reasons for my issues and for painful emotional events from my past that were still influencing my present.

I did not succeed at first and did them just so I could say I did them while I often didn’t do them at all. I started getting more clarity only after participating in my first and second 30-day program. I gained an understanding of how to do the exercises, how to explore my body and how to analyze my feelings and reactions. For the first time I noticed the difference between doing the exercise in an automated way and doing it with feeling, curiosity, exploration, testing when it is too much and when not enough and looking for better ways of executing it and better solutions. We can only change our subconscious and its automated patterns through behavior, and we can only change our behavior through movement which is a consequence of conscious muscle control. AEQ exercises teach us how to consciously control our muscles so that both body and awareness can cooperate together in the present moment. To illustrate it with a known phrase: “united we stand, divided we fall”. When the connection between our conscious awareness and our body becomes realistic – present, united, in the here and now – and harmonized the individual has limitless power over creating whatever he wants in his life, with freedom and efficiency.

Participant of the 30-day program and Teacher of the AEQ method level 1

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