Thank you for all the answers and explanations, all of them were super clear and accurate for me.

Hello Aleš,

Thank you for all the answers and explanations, all of them were super clear and accurate for me.

I know that my whole life has been guided by the green light reflex and dealing with others. But, at the same time, this life led me to this moment where I’m working on myself. For better or worse.

But it really pulls me and keeps me in this direction to help everyone else. I’m probably running away from myself. Which I am more and more clearly aware of and are facing.

AEQ gave me a tennis ball. Let me explain. Until now, I have been playing tennis without a ball. I finally feel as if I got the thing I sorely lacked. This tennis ball is facing my fears and a tool.

Despite the fact that I gave quite a bit of time to others during the program itself this month. I didn’t convince anyone, nor did I give a lot of energy. I was working on myself and I didn’t even need to moderate the euphoria. These exercises naturally balanced my inner giving to others.

It eliminated more than 10 issues I was suffering from. Non-productivity, hidden procrastination, depression, running away from myself, anxiety, anger, an unfocused mind, not expressing my feelings, not being aware of my current condition and feelings, complicating things, confusion, impatience, food disorders, etc.

All this was eliminated with exercises. And I realize that not temporarily. That these are permanent changes. Because there is no euphoria from fear. I got my body back. Myself. A peace that is not from outside. It’s in me.

And this state of consciousness, awareness and action is priceless. Finally, I can consciously release the tension in my body and consequently my mind. Optimism got a new base and a strong foundation.

I can be an adult now. Here and now. With this tool, I am looking forward to what comes next. I will face many more trials. Its time I face them. It’s time I cleanse myself.

I’ve already attended an upper body program and it’s all starting again. It’s like I don’t know anything, because there’s also a lot of amnesia in that part of the body.

Thank you for everything Aleš and a warm hug from the Dominican Republic

Jure Koščak

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