AEQ is a method that helps us feel ourselves more realistically through a higher awareness of the body so we can learn to fulfill our needs appropriately. It offers us the knowledge that we need to understand the unpleasantness that comes up when we start reconnecting with ourselves - it helps us be less afraid of our own truth which is kept in the body and the subconscious.

I am a teacher of AEQ method Level 5 and I work with clients with various movement and movement patterns issues daily. I am also the author of the book “Getting out of chronic pain with light movement”. Learning AEQ method and AEQ exercises will change your life in a tangible way – without needing to take any medications; it will create many positive changes in your life. You will learn how to retrain your brain and your body to lessen sensory-motor amnesia (SMA), to end pain and to change the restrictions of your movement.

AEQ online programs are meant for everyone who would like to fix their chronic tension, their inability to sense themselves and their lack of understanding of the reasons for the undesired states that they keep finding themselves in. The effect of sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) is very strong and can put us in despair even when we don’t want to or even if we don’t understand why is it happening to us.

30-day programs help us to begin understanding these states and lessening our SMA through AEQ exercises and AEQ breathing.

The role of the teacher is dual: he needs to direct all the participants correctly and he needs to know how to interpret the meaning of physical experiences and verbal expressions of each individual when necessary.

The key for eliminating chronic pain is the understanding of what we feel and sense and that is what the AEQ approach is based on – to intertwine theory and practice through AEQ exercises. Another very important role of a teacher is to notice the participant’s attitude and his tolerance to stress during AEQ exercises and through his level of attention that he gives to the AEQ exercises. A teacher is there to observe the relationship that the ego has toward the body while performing the exercise.

Often, I see stubbornness, hatred, reluctance and tantrums that come from the subconscious and are completely unnecessary whilst doing the exercises – this is what creates the excessive stress that is caused by the AEQ exercise. This kind of relationship between the ego and the body is also the main reason for chronic pain and unrealistic feeling states that bring individuals into my office – their attention is too low and their amount of stress too high. I help them change their relationship and their attitude toward the exercise and toward themselves by leading them through the AEQ exercise and by an in-depth explanation of why does this kind of situation happen and the role that pain plays in it.

When doing the AEQ method you will not get results by pushing and forcing. The goal is to feel the execution and not the execution itself. As the founder and regular practitioner of AEQ method I know, feel and understand the effects of AEQ exercises very well – this is why I can help people get the most out of the AEQ method and AEQ exercises, through observation of participants and comprehension of the reasons for their execution and behavior.

Participants are not able to see themselves while they also have a very distorted view on the sensations that are coming out of their body, and that is why it often happens that they assume that they are in the right position but in reality, they are not. Only through proper warnings and conscious change of movement they can start feeling their genuine flow of sensation and stronger feelings throughout their whole body. When leading the program, I emphasize the purpose of every exercise and the results that the exercise can provide for them.

AEQ exercises differ from other forms of exercise and are meant to help the participants to relax and surrender their unrealistic ego to their body instead of building muscle mass and endurance to overcome themselves.

AEQ exercises, especially those for lessening stress, help you lessen your body’s rigidity. With that, you also change your attitude, your perception, understanding and self-respect which leads to better communication between your body and your mind. This also leads to lessening the conflict between body and mind – this conflict is the cause for pain, injuries, wear and diseases.

Advantages and special features of learning the AEQ method through the 30-day online program

Creating the need for learning AEQ method regularly

I developed the 30-day program to make it easier for my clients to learn the AEQ method and to lessen the most common obstacles that they encounter when trying to lessen their sensory-motor amnesia (SMA).

The program creates increased orderliness and regularity of learning because the teaching is scheduled every day at the same time and is guided live. This is how we create a disciplined routine that increases motivation for regular participation with a teacher of the AEQ method. A common problem for new students is to overcome the subconscious resistance when wanting to execute the exercise. They find many excuses – not having the time or the chance. Participating in the program creates the need that we are ready to listen, follow the instructions and do the exercise. Doing a regular routine and learning about the body for 30 days creates a positive habit for carrying out the exercises and stays anchored deep enough even after the program finishes.

AEQ guided live creates a very distinctive influence

The main condition that helps eliminate SMA is to increase the ability and lessen the inability of having your conscious awareness in the present because this is the place where the body and the subconscious reside. This is the only way you can connect your conscious awareness with them, being in the same dimension of time as them under the same rules of gravity. The teacher that teaches the client also needs to subject to these rules but this is not possible when the teaching is not given live. The connection between the physicality of the teacher and the physicality of the student is key for getting to know the method and for preventing the creation of fear or anger inside the conscious awareness of the client that can be strong enough to cut off the clients’ motivation to learn the AEQ method. When this happens the ego gets scared and runs away into another time or location which makes it impossible to lessen SMA. The awareness that the teacher is there, present with the participant, watching him and correcting his behavior makes all the difference – you are not able to achieve this effect through replay.

Learning the AEQ method demands an understanding that changes the workings of conscious awareness; AEQ exercises need to be done at the same time to achieve the desired physical changes; then, you need to connect both to change your subconscious and SMA. This wholistic process is the one that creates real and lasting change. This is only possible when our conscious awareness is in the same time frame as the body; to lessen the fear and the anger in the awareness AEQ teacher needs to be in the present as well.

Regular revision of the understanding of AEQ method and AEQ exercises

An important part of AEQ live trainings are the in-depth explanations of the principles of AEQ method and exercises, whenever the teacher estimates they are necessary. This is the part of the training where participants have the opportunity to ask questions and receives the answers they need which increases the overall understanding and the effect of the program. Q&A’s create additional insights and expand our awareness in regards to the feelings that we feel during the exercises and the feelings that we hear others people feel at the training. These insights show us and guide us toward the real reasons for our pain or issues with execution, and specific physical or mental reactions.

The influence of creativity and level of experience of an AEQ teacher on the execution of AEQ exercises

Leading the exercises in different ways, regularly, prevents the loss of conscious attention on the execution of the exercise. Increased creativity creates increased attention on how our body reacts to the exercise – this makes it easier for us to notice the undesired subconscious influence on the execution of the exercise. The more that we are able to notice it during the exercise the more we learn to notice it in the present moment which help us to gradually, consciously, change our subconscious reactions.

The 30-day AEQ programs have been designed in a way to create a deeper understanding of our sensory-motor processes through small steps – these are the processes that determine our movement, our behavior and our life. This knowledge is necessary for those who suffer the consequences of sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) because it increases their ability to direct enough needed attention into improving their interoception and pull more muscle sensations out of their subconscious into their conscious awareness. Changing the relationships inside the sensory-motor loop deeply affects and changes our way of thinking, responding and expressing because we begin to become more aware of our subconscious influence on our behavior which makes it possible for us to change or remove the patterns that don’t serve us anymore or even hurt us. AEQ program creates a safe space in which our conscious awareness has more courage to feel the realistic state in our body with which the need for sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) lessens – the need to cover up and hide our past.

Throughout the program the participants are in contact with an AEQ Level 5 teacher on a daily basis where they believe that they are getting the best possible guidance, leadership and teaching. This helps them feel and accept their SMA states and their excessive rigidity and effort that they feel during AEQ exercises. The transfer of insights that the exercises offer into their daily life and behavior is more wholistic and useful in this way. The everyday routine of doing the exercises at the same time additionally relaxes the overactivated sympathetic nervous system and lessens the average muscle tone.

Teaching AEQ exercises in the 30-day program is adapted to everyday learning and is therefore more thorough and detailed than teaching in individual sessions or one-day workshops because here I dedicate 5 hours per exercise. This is not possible through other approaches because the participants are not capable of being concentrated that long while taking in so much detailed information and impulses from their bodies and environment into their consciousness. The teachings are mostly directed into improving interoception which changes the ability of the participants to feel, sense and accept the suppressed feelings from their bodies which lessens chronic tension and contraction and increases spontaneity.

We need to deal with the fact that we have shoved our negative feelings and memories under the armor of chronic contraction which caused us to lose a part of our spontaneity. This means that the consequences of increased relaxedness during our spontaneity’s return will be painful and unpleasant at first. When we take care of these states and admit to ourselves that they are in us we can start to increase our inner connectedness with which we lessen the limitations of our interoception and proprioception.

For a clearer understanding of what is written above let me quote an insight that came through one of the participants in the program: With the help of AEQ method you really dive into the core of the problem while trying to understand it from the view of its function in my opinion. The fact that AEQ method is so very physical and concrete moved me the most. I mean, how can I turn a blind eye to such strong and clear physical reactions/non-reactions?

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