Thank you for your devoted leadership and for your in-depth explanations


I heard about the AEQ method from my daughter after mentioning to her that I feel an escalation of tingling feelings from my left shoulder toward my neck.

I also started having issues with carpal tunnel a few years ago, and I’ve been also feeling irritating itchiness around my left shoulder where I supposedly have a trapped nerve. I’ve known for a long time that I am overly contracted in my neck and shoulders and when you retire it supposedly only gets worse. It became clear later that AEQ is some sort of an emotional cleanse as well and can affect your emotional maturity, in other words, shows you who you really are authentically.

And so, I started the journey. My first positive changes have been:

the tingling feelings in my shoulder and neck are almost gone, the itching around my shoulder has drastically lessened, sometimes

I wake up in the morning with so much energy that I can’t do anything else but sing,

I notice earlier why do I react in a certain way which gives me a chance to react differently

For example: on a Sunday trip I noticed that I am starting to feel low mood (when I was with my ex-husband most of our trips ended in bad mood) but then I realized that the bad mood is coming up because of past events and not the present ones, no one else would be ruining the atmosphere but me in this case and by becoming aware of it and not allowing to fall into it everything on the trip ended great. Thank you for your devoted leadership and for your in-depth explanations.


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