I feel more energetic and confident after the program

Hello Aleš,


I am sending you my observations of changes on the program:


Day 1-4: I feel fatigued; feel dizzy after exercises.

Day 7-8: I feel as if I am out of energy; pain appearing over my body (underneath right rib and lungs); headaches, felt down all the time (I slept though most of the day)

Day 10-11: rigid back muscles (when I woke up in the morning); extreme hunger

Day 12-13: Unusual pain (right hand, under the right rib)

Day 14: Everything hurts (back, left hip, neck area of the spine); tired and without will; I remembered how mother always used to make us work quickly and how guilty I felt if I took a break

Day 15: Pain and rigid neck; everything hurts in the morning, and my back is tense; extreme hunger; I remembered a moment from my childhood and the feeling of shame and unfairness because of my teacher

Day 19: Very tired (slept for 10 hours at night, and slept through the day as well)

Day 21: I remembered a feeling from my childhood, when my mom said she didn’t want me because I was born a woman. This made me change my behavior and had me act like a boy (to earn her love). It’s probably why I blocked my womanly energy and with it, my hips (swaying ones hips is a very feminine act.)

Day 22: I slept a long time; strong pain in my head; feeling unwell; no energy. I said to myself: ‘’I will be resting today’’ however felt nauseous afterwards. When I asked myself why I felt this way, I got my answer: ‘’If I’m not active, I’m useless. If I’m not useful, I am not good and aren’t worthy of attention and love.’’ I slept the whole day, while suffering from strong pain in my body and head (felt like a flu).

Day 24: Exercise time – felt nauseous and wanted to puke. In the evening, pain in my kidneys, or in that area.

Day 26: Left knee – sudden sharp pain on the inner side (lasted a couple of seconds)

Day 27: I woke up tired and tense. Even before the morning exercise, and especially during it, I felt nauseous and wanted to puke. After the exercise I was so weak I felt I couldn’t stand on my feet. I took a two hour nap.

Day 29: Fatigue, lack of will.


My opinion on the changes I achieved:

  • I am becoming more aware of my body, parts of it and areas where I am not relaxed.
  • I am paying more attention to my walking and movement
  • Even during the program I began waking up in the morning without an alarm (something that hasn’t happened for about 40 years) and wake up more relaxed,
  • I feel more energetic and confident after the program

Thank you once again for an excellent program.

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