If you have decided to try and lower your chronic pain, then the most effective combination is participating in online programs that I host through Zoom and individual sessions in the Center of the AEQ method in Brežice.

The learning process begins with one of the online programs. There you will learn more about chronic pain’s background and how to invest time and attention in yourself. That way, you will begin to understand why you have chronic problems and what needs to be changed in order to eliminate them. In the program, you also learn the correct understanding of the meaning and purpose of the AEQ exercises. With live guidance, you get enough support and explanation so that you do not give up when you feel familiar and unwanted feelings from the past. Still, you can go deeper into yourself and into the history of suppression and blockage, which is the main reason the body communicates with you through chronic pain.

If problems appear during the program that you cannot solve yourself, we can set an appointment for an individual session with me or one of my students. I will decide this based on your experience and feelings gained from the program(s).

Such an approach allows for a gradual introduction and, at the same time, a better understanding of the principles necessary to reduce sensory-motor amnesia. You will practice regularity and orderliness, which are necessary for the successful execution of the exercises. This is especially important for the optimal use of your daily time and proper orientation to your inner essence.

Explanations and answers to your questions that will arise during the program’s implementation will give you insight into the reasons for chronic pain. If this happens in the privacy of your own home, the treatment is all the more effective.

For the individual sessions to have the maximum effect, the client should attend at least one online program. If that isn’t possible, I advise you to schedule an introductory conversation here:

Appointment cancellation

Appointment cancellation must occur 48 hours before the agreed upon date, otherwise it will be considered as if we held it within the agreed duration.

You can cancel your appointment here: