The subconscious and the automated responses stored in it can only be changed through behavior.

We connect our sensations with our consciousness, relax our body and connect it with our raw emotions and responses through the AEQ exercises. The body begins to change, your consciousness now plays a larger part, we better recognize when we’re functioning on subconscious (past) patterns, which gives us the knowledge to understand what needs to be done when we find ourselves in a similar situation in real life. Control over muscles and emotions is improved because our reaction is more realistic. We no longer perform from the position of a small, helpless child, but react as an adult, which thinks and reacts according to their knowledge on the situation and their experiences, and not from subconscious automated patterns.

Quite some time had passed before I realized why performing AEQ exercises is important. At first, I liked the exercises because of the slow execution, because I felt relaxed after them and felt less pain. Over time, I began to look for a deeper meaning in the exercises, the causes of my problems, and painful emotional events from the past that still affect me in the present. Since I was not successful in this, I often did the exercises more because I was doing them, and I would be able to tell Aleš that I was doing them if he happened to ask me. There were also many days when I didn’t perform them.

That all changed when I joined the first and then second 30-day program. There, all theoretical knowledge gained clarity, how to perform exercises, how to explore your body, analyze your feelings and responses. It was only on these programs that I began to distinguish what it means to do an exercise automatically (to train) or to do it with feeling, curiosity, research, trying to go too much or too little, looking for better solutions, easier implementations.

The subconscious and the automated responses stored in it can only be changed through behavior. However, a behavior change can only be achieved through movement, which results from conscious muscle control. With AEQ exercises, we learn how to consciously control the muscles so that our consciousness and body can work together in the present. This could also be illustrated by the saying: “there is power in style.” When the connection between consciousness and body is real (here and now), coordinated, and mutual… a person has immense power to regulate his life the way he wants, freely and effectively.

A participant of two 30-day programs

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