I am grateful for your clarity and help in changing my subconscious and body.

Greetings Aleš,

I noticed a lot of changes after three weeks of AEQ exercises.

I now feel when I work too much, so I take time off and relax. I would’ve just pushed on before. For an hour or even several hours in a row, I move more relaxed and healthily, less impulsively and consequently tiring.

My right leg from the crotch to the knee hurts less than it used to, the left forearm and the area on the chest around the left armpit no longer hurt after a few years, but when the tension in the muscles and fascia was released, a sharp burning painful sensation appeared for three days. Now I can move my left arm normally without pain, I can even close my hands behind my back with the palms around the forearm without pain.

My breathing is deeper in the abdomen and in the chest. When I’m paying attention, I breathe slower and more calmly, my abdominal muscles are a bit more relaxed, the amplitude of movement of the navel and plexus when inhaling is noticeably greater than it was, without investing more power in this part of the breathing process.

Back muscles are somewhat more relaxed, even if only a little. The left abdominal muscle, which I have only become fully aware of via exercises and explanations that it reacts to fear, is now more relaxed and hurts less.

I am walking more healthily, I move my pelvis and torso in opposite directions, making it far more enjoyable. Although the muscles around my right hip are still rigid when I walk, I can feel their tension and also the tension in my right thighs and calves. I noticed that the muscles above my right waist are also rigid.

In a few cases, I began to recognize in real time when the muscles on the left side of my back were creating too much force when doing things with my left hand, and I could then consciously release the excessive tension to a noticeable extent, which made the actions less painful or sometimes not at all. The left side of my neck hurts less than it used to, but a part of my head still hurts a lot and I haven’t figured the reason why yet. I also don’t know which contracted muscles prevent me from fully lifting my head, and relaxing my back and especially upper back muscles.

I’ve been feeling emotions like sadness, anger and longing in the last two weeks of the program. The tension of the left side of the chest has somewhat lessened.


I am grateful for your clarity and help in changing my subconscious and body.

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