Robert Kukovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Hello Aleš,

I’m grateful for meeting you. I thought I knew what to expect from the seminar because I already took two of your programs before that. After the first part of the seminar, I realized it was better than I expected. So much explanation was offered with an intention to understand yourself and the environment, presented in a simple and appropriate way, where everything is based on the laws of physics and applies everywhere. Not that it was easy to hear the truth, or just part of the truth, nor that I was rested when I drove home every day and fell asleep peacefully. There were a lot of questions, I was looking for answers – how is this different from a classic seminar where they show you something, say something, and then you finish the seminar by doing your homework or by regularly repeating the lessons you’ve learned.

I think you’re able to accept the whole truth when you accept yourself and others in a respectful, compassionate and reasonable way, and then regulate and change your relationships with your current abilities. I am glad that the seminar and the education are still ongoing – you haven’t forgotten about us. We are not used to hearing from the teacher after a seminar ends, maybe just for a question or two.

The seminar also did not take place in the way “you do this and you will be better”. You leave a lot to us, the students, to find insights, questions and answers by ourselves through the exercises; we do the research, discovery and analysis. Honestly, at first, I was angry, and I was wondering why didn’t you tell me if I was doing the right thing, how I was doing it or if I was doing it wrong. But it actually was not right or wrong, it was in line with my current abilities.

Thank you for this new point of view. You’re one of the best teachers I’ve met, and I’ve met quite a few. I can say that I feel a great responsibility to pass this knowledge on. Naturally, there is fear present, especially in regards to how to be effective and understandable. The knowledge I received at the seminar will help me to better understand myself and others, both at home and at work, and in all of my environments. It will be especially helpful with regulating my life and giving others the opportunity to see, experience and accept this change. Kind regards,

Robert Kukovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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