Dušica Gabrijel, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I compare my current thoughts and feelings to those of more than five years ago, when I first met with the AEQ method, I can say that there is a really big difference and it cannot be described in a few sentences.

For years, I had back problems, while physiotherapy and occasional exercises only had a short-term effect on my acute pain. At my first workshop in 2016, I listened very carefully to Aleš, to how he presented the exercises and explained that sensory-motor amnesia can be eliminated through them, while stating the importance of being in the state of optimal synergy and conscious sensations and control. I felt a difference immediately after the first exercises, but it wasn’t until later on, in individual therapies, that I started understanding the importance of the AEQ method.

The day-to-day exercises at home, in conjunction with all the information that Aleš gave me, and conversations about past events, have given me a lot of answers.

The AEQ method helped me to go deeper into my body and gradually discover what has been in it for a long time. I was too afraid to deal with it before, because only with a gradual increase of my emotional maturity and by raising the connection between my body and my awareness, and talking to Aleš, and the answers I received through feelings into my consciousness, I could start accepting the reasons why I had chronic problems and why I am the way I am, what has actually affected me and what can I do to change it.

While participating in AEQ online programs last year – programs that enable you to go into a deeper exploration of your somatic depths – I felt even more connected to my body. I focused on the execution of the exercises and individual movements and on breathing, which made it possible for me to discover my deeply suppressed emotions. Aleš’s answers to questions that other participants had in the Q&A part further influenced me in various ways – I became even more aware of my subconscious patterns and processed them through my body with even greater understanding.

During the 60-day AEQ Breathing program earlier this year, through felt feelings in my body and because I really wanted to deepen my knowledge of the AEQ method and upgrading it to change certain subconscious patterns that are still restricting me, I decided to apply for the seminar for AEQ Teacher Level 1 – while getting to know myself, I’ve figured out where my biggest problems are, where I’ve been most stuck in the past and what I need to change so that I can be more satisfied, healthier, more relaxed and creative in the future.

I knew that this was the right step in the desired direction, because with all the knowledge and experience that I gained so far and my curiosity for learning, I will now be able to help others, and especially because I understand from my own life why are people not able to solve or reduce their problems and challenges – because of the fast pace of life and deep subconscious patterns. The seminar was such a positive experience for me, I received so much extra knowledge and I gained the self-confidence that I need for taking my next steps into creating my future.

During the seminar, we experienced a great connection with each other, and through sharing our experiences, under Aleš’s supervision, we learned about different and similar reasons for the way we acted in our past, about our life experiences, while also starting to plan the gradual changes that we are going to make.

Even after the seminar, learning and connecting continues. We regularly write homework while Aleš comments on them and encourages us. We meet twice a week on Zoom and continue to learn how to teach exercises, we share our opinions and have a good laugh about it.

We are aware that it is important for our future to continue learning and walking this path. Although the path is not easy, we are supported by the AEQ method, and it gives us the opportunity to make the right choices that will get us out of chronic issues in different areas and therefore improve our lives.

Dušica Gabrijel, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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