With the AEQ method, the process began – awareness, perception of physical pain, and big steps of change were intertwined

I became acquainted with the AEQ method in September 2014. At that time, my life looked perfect on the outside, but inside I felt anxious. Over the years, my posture increasingly reflected scoliosis, and a friend recommended I visit Aleš.

A good observer like Aleš Ernst, looking at my attitude, noticed that my life was not what it seemed, and it was immediately clear to him that I was wrapped in a gray cloud. He sensed that I was spinning in a vicious circle of masks that I had put on – the cramped body, the unnatural posture, the pain. In this gray cloud, I myself was unable to define what was wrong, and I could not help myself. I needed guidance on my way out of a life of masks and ghosts.

My mask: a happy family life, surrounded by a loving family and friends, a successful career, good at raising kids, and active in sports. What could be wrong?

The details of what was wrong are not important today. The fact is that I was suffocating, that I was tearing up from the mental pain even more than from the physical because, due to the weight of the spirit, I did not perceive the physical pain. I felt like a victim and acted like one. But was I really a victim?

With the AEQ method, the process began – awareness, perception of physical pain, and big steps of change were intertwined. The mask began to fade. Slowly, hand in hand, the psycho-physical condition of my body improved. I am not talking about days or months but years. As I write this, my journey is not finished, but it is clear, understandable, and enriched. I have a choice, accept responsibility, and am not a victim of my surroundings. A clear picture gives me the knowledge to accept responsibility for the chosen steps.

To me, the AEQ method means openness to life, nature, and the universe. The feeling I experience when I am aware is happiness, and it is independent of positive situations and energies that come as a balance to the negative ones. Everything negative is my learning, and positive is a reward for a well-done learning process. Happiness is not in achieving only the positive, it is in understanding and accepting both.

The AEQ method has changed me into a person who is more emotionally intelligent every day, into a person with short and long-term goals who trains and nourishes his body and mind as much as he is capable, his heart in the direction of GIVING, RECEIVING, LOVING.

The people around me are my teachers, they are my mirror. People who give me negative vibes teach me what I’m not, and I accept that. People who give me positive vibes teach me what I am. When the vibrations turn negative, it means it’s time for a lesson. After taking the lesson, I can let go of the bonds and be free.

The AEQ method requires long-term development. It is not an answer to questions because it is not one-time, not short-term, it is a method with which you live day by day, build yourself up, and look for the right better steps, better movements, more coordinated movement, life.

With the AEQ method, I connect not only my own mind and body but also my surroundings. I am a mirror of the surroundings. And here is love, this time without a mask. Simple, cleansed of the past, direct, who just gives, doesn’t want anything in return. With whom you sleep like an angel, you are safe and at the same time free, because your happiness does not depend on her presence. Your happiness depends on this moment, here and now.

Ivana Buble, Čatež

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