The AEQ method, learning self-control

The AEQ method offers a process that changes how you look at your body and think, see, and feel. Getting to know, feel, and consciously control your body is something extraordinary. When you are ready to see yourself, you are ready to learn. I believe there is no better discovery than realizing that we can learn and grow our knowledge. As you do so, small but significant changes begin to take place, for example, easier movement and performance of daily tasks, better organization and ability to make decisions, and changing patterns that we received from childhood and throughout life itself. AEQ enables individuals to make the changes they want in their relationships with themselves and others.

AEQ is a tool with which we influence our mental level. It helps to discover repressed emotions, which can suddenly erupt, which we aren’t ready for, and they also indirectly cause various diseases. Because of a certain event or a set of them, we begin to suppress our own feelings first consciously and then unconsciously. Everything begins to reflect gradually. Acute illnesses can develop into chronic ones, and if we do not begin to accept or let go of our own feelings, this develops into anxiety, panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression, panic disorders, and the like. Of course, this is my layman’s knowledge. With this note, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that AEQ is an excellent preventive activity that can prevent many mental illnesses or begin to reveal them gradually. With its help, we can detect and eliminate. I tried many approaches and methods throughout the years. The AEQ method is simple but a deep, complex, and expressive technique that allows me to feel and discover.

Janja R. student.

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