Thinking about the AEQ method

Is AEQ really just a method to effectively re-establish the brain-muscle connection and eliminate sensory-motor amnesia? Or is it perhaps hiding something more inside it?

It also works on levels that are otherwise not so noticeable, such as changing movement patterns. At the beginning of the AEQ exercises, the effect may indeed be more noticeable and felt on a physical level, although emotional reactions and emotional cleansing may also be triggered in some individuals. Memories of some long-suppressed or forgotten traumatic events can be revived. This way, we can recognize the causes of many pains and discomforts.

With months of regular conscious repetition, learning, and improving the movements, the principles of the AEQ method gradually get under our skin. The AEQ method becomes our way of life. Through physical exercises, we can understand important life lessons, grow as a person and thus cope with life’s challenges more easily.

A comparison of movement exercises and everyday life leads to the following parallels: during exercises, we only shorten the muscles that are absolutely necessary for the movement, and we learn to move as efficiently as possible, with as little energy as possible. We perform it slowly, with feeling; we feel the body more and more, learn and improve the movement.

In this way, we realize that we impose too many things on ourselves in life, even unimportant ones; we learn to recognize what is important and what is not, and thus live more effectively. Our life becomes easier, and we become more perceptive of the things around us, fellow human beings, and nature. We learn to be kinder to ourselves and stop or change our approach to activity when we feel that we are not okay, that tensions, stiffness, and unpleasant emotions appear.

We do the exercises attentively, with as much focus as possible, and we transfer this to other activities as well. We know more and more about how to be here and now. Our body becomes more and more flexible, and our mind follows suit. We expand our thinking. When performing the exercises, we do not compete with others, so we also stop comparing ourselves to other people in life and live with the awareness that I am me, and you are you. We realize that we are responsible for our own lives.

AEQ exercises enable progress on all levels of life.

Jasmina Rome, Zagorje ob Savi

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