I observed that my posture is more upright, my forehead less wrinkled, I relax my body more often

Hello Aleš

I regularly perform your exercises, 6-7x a week, and in such a way that I do not repeat them, or do them in the same way. I do different combinations of sequences and not always on both sides of the body equally. When I feel that one of the exercises takes more time to perform, I usually decide to do another one. During the exercise, I pay attention to my breathing, the speed of execution, and sometimes I catch myself doing a movement too quickly. I also pay attention to concentration so that my mind does not wander elsewhere while performing the exercise.

I observed that my posture is more upright (sometimes I still have to remind myself), my forehead less wrinkled, I relax my body more often, the amplitude of my breathing is greater or less restrained, I react to certain stimuli or situations/reactions from the environment more calmly, with understanding, am more non-judgmental, sensual/empathetic, but at the same time with a clear limit.

I had a slight headache for about 10 days but then nothing came of it. I thought it’ll turn into a migraine, but didn’t. I was able to work, and enjoyed going on walks. I did the exercises, took a breather and so on. I also took a pain reliever twice and everything was fine. The last time I did it, it didn’t work.

Greetings from sunny Ljubljana,


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