I sometimes have a feeling that my body began melting on the floor.



In the first week of the program, I noticed quite a few new feelings in my body and the way I function/feel.

The most obvious change was the clarity of my thoughts when I first sat down in front of my computer to begin working. They were ordered in a neat row. This surprised me, because I had this constant feeling for a whole year now, that I don’t know where to begin and was doing 5 things at a time and never finished them. I was postponing them, wrote post-it notes for the next day, and then the day after… However, after 1 week, I managed to tick off 5 reminders in one day.

Another observed change was greater calmness when talking to my children. I noticed that when I asked for an errand/assignment and the argument started, I reacted calmly to it and that this calmness lasted. She did not yield or I was not overcome by anger and especially haste. I get on my nerves when I hear myself repeating the words “come on, let’s go, let’s go”. This feeling of being rushed and rushed annoys me. This is what I like most about this corona time, that there is no feeling of constant urgency. Although we haven’t organized/filled our afternoons with activities before. We were right on the playground at home.

As I mentioned the last time before the exercise, one day I had a killer headache and got herpes as well. When performing the exercises, I most clearly notice the difference in lifting the pelvis – how logically and easily the left side goes up, while the right side is all stiff and would stay on the ground. And I have a very hard time keeping my neck up, it feels like I have concrete around it. Although I already had a better feeling during yesterday’s exercise, it was already a little easier.

However, I am more and more relaxed after every exercise. I sometimes have a feeling that my body began melting on the floor.

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